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    all things Impreza (obviously), Golf, Footy (Swans clearly!), Rugby.....Beer!
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    GC8 UK2000 318bhp
  1. Newbie Swansea

    Aye. I think you're looking for Shwmae!!?
  2. Newbie Swansea

    Bummer. Work computer. Try this i do actually own one.....honest
  3. Newbie Swansea

    Thanks for the welcome peeps.....sorry been quiet since first posting (forgot to tick option to be notified of replies!!) . this was the car as bought and I've changed a few bits (17" gold alloys and popped her back to the normal stance on sti legs - coilovers were absolutely wrecked). Was showing 318bhp on dyno printout. Nationals are a bit too far for me at the moment - in between careers so things are tight - but if anyone is interested in any local meets or drives I would be happy to organise. Or if anyone wants to go on mass to any local shows....margam, pembrey, gnoll park etc.
  4. Newbie Swansea

    Hello all. Just joined after buying my first impreza (been waiting 18yrs to be old enough to afford it). Would be interested to learn if anyone in Swansea area South Wales and if there's any regular meets etc throughout the year. I'd be more than happy to organise some road trips if anyone interested.