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  1. That goes along with what I have been reading but all the tell signs I read to look for aren't showing up ie no bleeding or damage to gearbox oil, there isn't major play in bearings and no serious marks on clutch plates
  2. Installed a ty856wn6ka with matching prop and rear diff but have been having troubles with it. I am using a ld performance diff controller. The issue I'm having is that as soon as box warms (30mins driving) then I get binding and banging noises when turning especially when parking and reverse parking. Looking online most things leads to bad centre diff. I have removed this but going by videos of other damaged ones it doesn't look in bad condition. There is minimal movement apart from centre spline piece slides back and forth and the end small shim slides around freely. Anybody got ideas on next step I have video but can't upload it. I really dont want to swap back to 5 speed. Thanks for reading my waffle.