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  1. Title says it all, as new, unmarked, £30 collected ME19 area. Happy to post it but not sure it would survive Royal Mail handling without disproportionately expensive packing. PM me for contact info ☺
  2. Just removed this from my now sold Outback, a great bit of kit for music streaming and legal phone calls. I see they're still £130 new, what about £75 including first class post?
  3. Time has come to part with my Outback which i bought a little over year ago to assist with a house move. Its served me well as a lightweight workhorse but as usual for me (ask the wife 🙄) i made some improvements. Its sports 17" SE wheels i got direct from Subaru UK, 'new' tyres, subaru mats and a GROM bluetooth kit. Its very clean inside and out, has comprehensive service history including an oil change, new pads all round and front discs this year. All works at a reputed Subaru specialists in Marden, Kent. Maintenance is up to date, the odometer reads 105,500 and will increase slightly. I had the rear end facelifted with genuine parts. All the body work is original bar the bumper covers which have been repainted prior to my purchase, there are no corner scuffs or marks of significance, theres one small scuff on the new nsf wheel.😠 It really is a nice clean car, some pictures follow. I would like £2600 for it.
  4. I have a near perfect pair of these surplus to my needs. They're on eBay for £50 posted but I'll consider any sensible offer.
  5. Appreciate the replies, just last night I discovered they are indeed T10 & 5. My regular service agent pulled a complete T10 from and old binnacle for me and confirmed others are T5. Subaru UK actually emailed me back with a part number (85066GA100) and a price of some £3 odd plus VAT, for a single T10!!
  6. Well i hope no one else needs such bulbs. Just had an email from IMG Customer Relations and they don't know the bulb types either 😞
  7. I'm not a great contributor despite owning three Subarus, but i hope i can find the help i need which I thought would be simple, but apparently is not! My ageing "All Weather X" resides in Greece so my access to it is limited throughout the year. Just recently binnacle illumination has been dying so bulbs are obviously needed, but having established there are two types used, nowhere can i find out what those are. It seems there are two large types and some fifteen little-un's. I see T5 mentioned on the internet and green glowing LEDs appeal but I need to be sure T5 is correct and what the others are. If anyone knows for sure, please share 🙂
  8. Sadly no contributions on my heated seat query so i'll go separately with this. 'Best tyres' on 17" rims for the outback? Its not a mud-plugger, most of its time will be on tarmac but i'd like to think it wont get stuck in a field for example, so which tyres does everyone favour? Also, i appreciate the car has projector dipped beam lenses and they're pretty good tbh (no idea yet if the bulbs have been previously upgraded) but i wondered if an HID kit or LED upgrade was viable, possibly on both dipped and main beam? If anyone's done this already please share what you did and why
  9. Just removed from a 2007 Outback but with offsets of 48 they match SG Foresters perfectly too. Tyres all good, Vredestein Wintracs, 2 x 3mm, 1 x4mm, 1 x 5mm, £200 collected from East Sussex
  10. I hope the more knowledgeable can help me, i'm not a spanner man but like a bit of investigation and DIY on bits i can cope with. So, i recently replaced my old Forester with a tidy Outback S model, which is basic and that's OK. Whilst clearing out the previous owners child's debris from under the front seats i see what must be the loom into the seats for heating? I know manufacturers often use a single loom regardless of the car specification so I'm hopeful with the appropriate bits from a scrappy i can activate seat heating. It occurs to me that may mean a relay/fuses, the switch and short looms to the empty plug/s under each seat and bingo........or not? TIA for any input
  11. Reconfiguring three pins isn't too taxing but knowing where to reposition them could be. I think the common sense option here is the Grom unit after all. More costly but proven and does offer Bluetooth, albeit that's catered for another way via a Garmin sat-nav. It seems my other desire, wind deflectors is also an issue with sources and supplies Oh well still enjoying the cars for what they are
  12. For the possible benefit of others here is the reply, in its entirety, from Beat-Sonic So its viable but isn't a great deal cheaper than the Grom AUX unit and the price could worsen if those lovely people at HMRC decide to add any duty and tax. What to do? Perhaps the full Bluetooth module from Grom with added USB/AUX cable isn't such a bad idea after all? Thank you for your enquiry for the AVC9. I'm not able to directly cross reference EU model numbers for the Subaru radio however I was able to do a Google search and it certainly appears to be a compatible radio unit. Photos of the AVC9 attached. Price for the AVC9 is 3,500 JPY + 1,800 JPY shipping to the UK (DHL Express) Total: 5,300 JPY (approx. 38 GBP) Let me know if you wish to purchase and I will send you a PayPal request. Best Regards, -- Hendrik Wildy Beat-Sonic Co. Ltd. 472-5 Koushin, Fujieda, Nisshin, Aichi 470-0112, JAPAN. Mob: +81-90-6628-4790 Tel: +81-561-73-9000 Fax: +81-561-74-5554 www.beatsonic.co.jp wildy@beatsonic.co.jp
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