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  1. Russian

    Bye to XV, Hello to an Outback

    Now sold on ebay.
  2. Russian

    Bye to XV, Hello to an Outback

    Tyres relisted. Grab a bargain! Russ
  3. After an uneventful and very reliable year of ownership, swmbo has decided that while she likes the XV, she doesn't love it. As a result, we've now gone back to an Outback. If any one is in the market for these feel free to make me an offer. Happy motoring everyone. Russ.
  4. I bought these ready for winter but I'm now changing the XV for a new shape Outback. £395 ovno
  5. Russian

    Protecting your Subaru

    If someone tried this with my wife's XV, she'd have done this too. Actually, she'd have punched through the windscreen and dragged him out through the hole! What lengths would you go to?
  6. Russian

    Hi everyone

    Hi Everyone. Just a quick introduction. I've had Subaru's since the 90's, a few Legacy's, a 2.5 Outback and a 2.5 WRX impreza. I part ex'd a 2010 diesel Legacy for the XV as I'm getting worried that diesels will be hard to get rid of after the next budget. Loving the XV CVT compared to the Diesel Legacy gearbox as a short 1st to 2nd meant a lot of stirring! On the other hand though, the torque of the Legacy was great for a quick overtake on the A roads. It was the WRX that put a smile on my face though, I had it lpg'd so 20mpg wasn't so painful! Russ.