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  1. 2007 2.5XTEn exhaust needed

    I'll need to show the garage the pics to see if it looks like mine - What model has it comefrom?
  2. 2007 2.5XTEn exhaust needed

    I'm hoping I can get some help. I have a 2007 2.5XTEn manual which I've had for three years and 40K+ miles. It's regularly serviced and I had it lightly modified with the addition of K&N air filter, uprated fuel pump and slightly boosted turbo mapping to 1.1 with remapping for smooth mid range torque. It was tested to to 230bhp and 280lb ft at 3000 rpm on standard 95 fuel. Averages 28mpg too! Fabulous motorway and overtaking tool! It's a lovely car that has been ever so reliable but at the last MOT I struggled with the exhaust system which is starting to go. It did go through with an advisory but I need to do something now with the exhaust and if one part is going,others will too so keen to get a new full system. I always go to the same garage whose mechanics know my car well and are used to specialist kit as they do rally cross cars. And I don't want to wait till it falls off, as it will, as then I'm stuffed. Problem is I can't find an exhaust - lots of 2.0 systems but nothing listed for the 2.5 turbo. I've looked for performance versions with no luck too. The engine is essentially the same as the Impreza WRX but I'm certain the exhaust will be different as it's a bigger longer car so i can't just buy and hope. I've tried, new,performance and second hand with no luck. I haven't yet brought myself round to asking a dealer what a new exhaust system might cost, I suspect lots. Does anyone have any ideas where I can source a full system or the parts needed to refurb the existing system. Or does anyone know where I can get a good second hand one. Jonathan in Durham