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  1. Ah sorry omitted the details from the rebuild statement (big end bearings/clutch/cam belt/water and potentially oil pump) which I believe is classed as a refresh/rebuild.
  2. 114k 2.0 wrx ppp 56 plate last of the blobs, not really looking much above the stock 261hp really which is more than adequate. Thanks for the replies its appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys haven't been on in ages as been enjoying Scoobert, but it has happened as it does to many people head gasket has gone. The issue is to rebuild & who to perform this (2.5 to 3.5k seems common) or buy a 2nd hand long block & from whom to get it off of (JDM Racing motors in Montreal appear to have a good selection, but nothing particular in the UK I have seen yet). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
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