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  1. One possible solution to my flat battery problem is to have a solar panel on the dash when the car is parked this would trickle charge the battery. Normally this would plug into the 12v outlet however this is only live when the ignition is on. Any ideas how I could get round this?
  2. Glenn

    Flat Battery

    It's a Varta D48 60Ah 540A. Subaru fitted it about 18 months ago after the original Panasonic battery went flat.
  3. Glenn

    Flat Battery

    I have had it from new and it is now two years old. It has had a new battery but Subaru have told me that it is down to the cars lack of use that causes the problem.
  4. If I don't drive my BRZ for a week or more the battery is too flat to start the engine. Does anyone else have this problem and if so do you have a solution apart from the obvious one of using the car at least once a week. The car is parked outside so I can't use a charger and I am often away from home leaving the BRZ for period of longer than a week.
  5. I have just purchased a new 2016 spec BRZ. I would like the doors to lock automatically when the ignition is turned on. I have followed the instructions, turn on ignition, press 7 on the key pad, turn off ignition within 5 seconds, but still the doors do not lock. I went back to the dealer who contacted Subaru who said this feature is may not be available on my model. Can anyone confirm if it should or should not work. Thanks