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  1. How was the Newcastle Outback?
  2. TiminYorkshire

    Outback 3.0 '03-'09 Buying advice

    Thanks for the clarification between R and Rn, most useful. I take it you're pleased with your Outback?
  3. TiminYorkshire

    Hello from North Yorkshire

    Staithes, 10 miles north of Whitby on the coast.
  4. TiminYorkshire

    Hello from North Yorkshire

    Hello, new member here although I had a Subaru in the distant past ('96 JDM Legacy GT-B manual). Joined up as I'm looking for some Outback buying advice, I've posted a thread in that section.
  5. So I'm new on here and looking for a dog/winter estate/occasional boat tow and launch vehicle (I have a small RIB) and have narrowed the search down to a strange mix of vehicles, the Outback being one. The others being the TD5 Discovery, but general reliability and rusty chassis issues are making me reconsider and the 3.0CRD Grand Cherokee but actually finding a non oil-leaking one in good body/interior condition is harder than I thought - I've viewed 3 already. I've owned a Legacy once in the distance pace, a JDM '96 GT-B Manual which I had no issues with (although the person I sold it to had the head gasket go, another story). So what attracts me to the Outback? -Perceived reliability and ease of ownership, more car like handling and better performance than the other two options. Panoramic sunroof is also a big attraction. Downsides being more car like, i.e. lower driving position (my girlfriend likes driving my van) and less rugged aesthetics. So my questions are: 1. Are they as reliable and straightforward to maintain as their reputation suggests? (I understand parts may cost a little more than some). Any big items likely (I've heard of the Y section of the exhaust). 2. There seems to be a great range in price, what should I be looking to pay for a good condition one with panoramic sunroof? I'm guessing I'm looking for the RN spec. 3. Is mileage a big issue? - Should I be targeting a specific mileage (we'll probably do 3-7k a year depending on foreign trips etc)? 4. Are the advantages of the facelift ('07?), flappy paddles etc a big incentive for the extra cost? And is there much of a difference between '03 to '09 - as the early ones will have cheaper RFL? Any help, views or further comments on the 3.0 Outback much appreciated. Thanks.