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  1. Hi People, Hope you can help. I have a lovely 2007 2.5 Petrol Outback here in Australia. I love it. Im moving back to the UK and really want to buy another. You can’t get the Gen3 in a diesel in Australia. With prices of fuel in UK I’m thinking diesel could be a good move. I have 2 major issues. 1. A friend of mine here owned a gen4 diesel outback and had so many issues with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that in the end he had to sell it. Warning lights coming on all the time and many trips to the dealer. He told me to never buy one. After googling the issue and watching some YouTube I’m scared to death. I’m also not sure if the gen3 and gen4 have the same engine as it was only introduced to the Gen3 in 2008 I think. 2. It appears that the UK government have decided that diesel vehicles are worse than pertol vehicles for the environment. I’m not sure exactly when but I think road tax and diesel fuel may get a hammering. Im keen on the Gen3 for price and I prefer the look of them but if people say the gen4 is the way to do I’d listen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.