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  1. Thanks for your words.... [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] 5th gen legacy bm9 sedan is a nice comfort sport family car.... although in performance (in untuned condition)... it is far behind from Impreza STI.... it really is a good car for a family guy who want comfort & 4wd turbo car 🤗 But... it is really pain in the **** for sourcing parts especially performance parts due to its odd-&-rare-ness... [emoji29] [emoji29] Been driving this a year & 2 months... I had never seen the same car in front of my eye while driving around in Malaysia. In fact... in local car selling advertisement web... It is very few of them on sell... I guess sales number of 5th LGT sedan & wagon less than 100 in Malaysia. Even getting tyre allignment job is hard too... almost all tyre shop with latest fully automated allignment machine doesn't have my car in their list.. Even some police don't even know that this model sold in my country through subaru dealership.... Few times my car was stopped by police.. they suspect my car is not registered legally (bought from Singapore & registered in Malaysia without paying import tax)... in fact... My car was bought by 1st owner from subaru dealership legally late 2013.... In Singapore... different story... Legacy quite famous.... I seen quite a few & manage to meet & make friend with 2 owner of sedan 5th gen LGT (see photos) Actually I know them by purchasing part from them while I paid a visit last month. By the way.... thanks god now I know how to find information & source parts from forums.... actully I did not know that this kinda enthusiast forum thing is available [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Hello everyone.... I'm Johari from Malaysia with white 2012 LGT 2.5 BM9. Bought this car since June 2016 with 40000km. Driving it as family car, still stock condition except for wheel (Prodrive GC-07C) & suspension (Tein Low Down Spec Driving Master GT Wagon), & now clocking 7+000km. I'm here in this forum to learn & sourcing information for upgrading/modifying plan on my car. Future plan on my car: 1) Brembo brake from Impreza Ver 9 2) Tien Active Pro EDFC 3) Aftermarket radiator + fan 4) Performance TMIC + piping + BOV 5) Catless turbo back J-pipe + exh piping + mufflers 6) Reflash Ecu tuning Looking forward for getting to know members in this forum & start learning about my car. Warm regards JOHARI Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk