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    Subaru impreza 2.5 turbo 2006 "hawkeye"
  1. Rontti88

    Bee-r limiter 2.5 wrx impreza

    Soon doing installation and maybe need find right wires myself, if here no one dont know right ones. Thank you help anyway and happy new year. :)
  2. Rontti88

    Bee-r limiter 2.5 wrx impreza

    I know that not is good for turbo, catalytic and maybe exhaust valves. I have already upgraded my subaru and got more power than stock, but need installation guide for that bee-r for launch control and lowering rpms if give that car to drive someone other friend or wife. That is bigger problem if found my car crashed on tree. ;) Edit: If that engine blows up. Then need open and just fix it with better parts. That not my first builded engine, if need to do it. :)
  3. Hello everyone, Have anyone installation guide for bee-r rev limiter at my subaru impreza wrx 2.5 turbo 2006 "hawkeye"? I have already try it google and other places, but didnt found nothing yet. Older one model have it guides on google and there need to install also some diodes. Do i need them too? I am very thankful, if someone can help to me solve for this problem.