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  1. Golly

    Tow Ball placement

    Thanks for the reply I will measure the area of the lamp, and work out the area of the ball and see how it compare. I will also have a chat with the chap that usually does my mot.
  2. Golly

    Tow Ball placement

    Hi, I have an XV 2016, got it just before Christmas and love it. I had the dealer fit a towbar, see pic. As you see the ball sits directly in line with the rear fog light, has anyone had any problems with this re MOT ? Other than a detachable tow ball I can't see any other options.
  3. Golly

    New xv owner

    Hi just joined the forum, new owner of 2016 XV. I have had Imprezas and an outback in the past, have returned to the brand after a few years