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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy (if they exist) wheel hub spacers/adapters that will allow a 2005 WRX to run similar year STi alloys? Essentially looking for a 100 to 114 lug pattern change without changing the hubs themselves
  2. Hi, im currently running my 2005 WRX stock alloys in gold and fancy a change, so looking for a trade/px deal. if you have any lying around the sheds, gardens or garages and would be interested in a swap or chat let me know. my current wheels are in good condition, slight paint corrosion on one and a kerb mark on another but generally in good knick. They are 205/45/17’s and I’m looking for the same size really (possibly speedlines or similar). Anyone near to Edinburgh/South of Scotland please let me know and i’ll come to you :)
  3. So, it’s coming to that time of the year where I want some new meat for my alloys, the question is....what do I buy?? i have a 2005 WRX with the stock 17 by 215 alloys, and want a good balance of grip for cash (don’t want to be emptying the bank before my holiday though!)
  4. So I started to mess about with the poor man’s bov to see if that was the cause of a leak/issue. I took it off completely and put the standard recirc valve back on and the car runs beautifully, no issues at all. i was reading into the bov (or similar one as I didn’t buy it) and I think the issue was how much psi it could handle. It looks like most of these cheapy bovs can only handle 15psi at most and on WOT with better flow I was up past that, causing premature boost loss. note to all, don’t use cheap bov’s, and if you do, make sure it can handle over your boost pressures :) thanks to all for your help and suggestions!
  5. I’m unfortunately on Apple just now, is there any particular dongle that I should get?
  6. Either to be honest mate, as long as it doesn’t empty the bank and tells me what I need to know! :)
  7. Does anyone know which scanner I need for a 2005 WRX or where I can buy one? thanks :)
  8. It is 2005 WRX mate, and it’s the second cat that has been deleted, not the first one after the turbo. nah it’s not been mapped as far as I’m aware, but then I’m not the first owner! Yeah, I’m thinking it will be over boosting too due to less restriction, i think a remap would be the safest idea! thanks for your help :)
  9. Hi, so as I have been putting the car under a bit of pressure, sometimes it will cut my boost psi from the usual 15/17 down and hold it at 5/6. So I searched for boost leaks, which I didn’t find. I then disconnected the negative terminal to attempt an ECU wipe and it worked! Back up to normal psi....temporarily 🙄 is there something I am missing here? It is essentially going into limp mode if I get into high rpm boost like the ecu is trying to save the engine. im running a 2nd cat decat, 2.5 inch straight through with an STi backbox, air intake and an atmospheric BOV. is any of the above parts the reason for the limp mode? Or do I need a remap? thanks
  10. I’ve been digging about, and what I thought was the front subframe is actually the ‘lower radiator support bracket’ which is completely rusted out. Ive been quoted £90 for a replacement which i guess isn’t too bad, but it needs welded in. Has anyone done this before??
  11. So I’ve gone and got myself a decat-ed pipe (not the up-pipe) and a de-resonated mid pipe as mine were a bit crusty at the flanges. will I neeeeeed to get a remap or can I run without it? It’s going on a stock blob wrx with an intake. Also, will t throw any codes?? cheers
  12. Cheers mate, really appreciate the help. I’ll give it a bash next time I’ve got some time off 👍🏻
  13. Righto, that’s not too bad then. I guess with the help of a friends garage lift it should be easy-ish?? I have found some used/refurbished ones on fleebay for a couple hundred, might be worth looking into. Is there any how to guides on the replacement? thanks
  14. Hello again, i have just been poking around in the front of the WRX and found a lovely 2 pound coin size corrosion hole in my front subframe 🙄 the MOT is coming up in May, is it worth getting the thing replaced for it? If so, how is it done, is it a garage job or easy enough for a driveway mechanic? anyone know where I could get one too?? thanks Andy
  15. Spot on, thanks for getting back to me :) 👍🏻👍🏻