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  1. Bruno8945

    Decat exhaust Mot Issue ?

    Thanks for the advice i agree ,think it will have to be a friendly MOT tester with scooby compassion
  2. Bruno8945

    Decat exhaust Mot Issue ?

    Thanks for the reply ,yes i was concerned it may still not pass, I'm hoping by next year there is a friendly garage somewhere .I use it mainly on track and only on the road to travel there and back so not like the daily drive.
  3. Bruno8945

    Decat exhaust Mot Issue ?

    Hi, Just wondering with all the new restrictions how people are managing to get their scoobys through the new regs. My regular Mot centre told me they would not pass it next time, unless i get a cat fitted, but, after all my thousands spent modifying for the road and track seems a shame to sacrifice the power it now acheives .I know you can get a sports cat but not sure how much it will lose and even if it will still pass. Just interested if any one else has had this problem.
  4. Bruno8945

    400+ club at last

    Sorry for late reply , Really steady with torque at 350 at 5250 rpm, boost 1.6
  5. Bruno8945

    400+ club at last

    Thanks to all the love and pain this 24 year old car has finally achieved 406hp at Area 52 rolling road.