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  1. Hi, it was one from Ebay, looks exactly the same just not denso
  2. Hi was hoping someone might be able to help, I had the engine light on my 2004 Impreza come on, the fault code was front o2 sensor, I've had this replaced but since the light sill comes on and from time to time it jolts a little add if it's misfiring but soon clears itself Tia for any help
  3. Hi savage... I don't know, I brought it as is
  4. Hi, I have a 2003 WRX, it is currently mapped to 280 BHP and the boost guage registers 1 bar at full boost, I have had a dump valve fitted(forge double piston) and am considering a remap my question is what is the highest power and boost I could have before I have to start upgrading major engine components? Tia
  5. Stock head unit mate
  6. is there any other owners in the area fancy a meet up?
  7. hi guys i recently brought a 2003 impreza which has 2 usb cables in the glove box 1 male and 1 female.... anyone any ideas what they are for thanks in advance Dan
  8. So where do you get the clear lights like that?
  9. That's exactly what I'm planning but was thing the angel eyes lights
  10. Thanks guys... Scoobyghost i don't know much about the car apart from the fact it has a miltex exhaust and is mapped to 280bhp
  11. Hi Sandals... It has had a remap already
  12. Hi, i have just brought an impreza wrx and it currently has a re circulator not a dump valve but someone has recommend changing it, what are the pros and cons of either? thanks Dan
  13. Hi Guys i have just brought my first subaru so thought i'd stop by and say hi... i will probably be after lots of info and advice lol thanks Danny