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Found 30 results

  1. Hey, just bought a 1999 2L AWD sport (125hp) As my fist project car i was wondering what would be the best mods. Its already got a STI bodykit and aftermarket wheel and the typical 4" exhaust. What would be the best way to improve handling and overall enjoyment when driving? i was thinking coil-overs,anti-roll bars, bucket seats and possible roll cage? already had a full rust delete and seal thank god, Also anyone dose a wrx engine swap. hoping for the 350+ hp mark what would be the best way to do it? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi All, I've posted this on the UK Legacy forum, posting here to see if anyone has any ideas. Taken a couple of videos of the noise. Its pretty clear and loud on the first (when the engine is warm). more difficult to hear when engine is cold when I took the aux belt off but its still there. Doesn't sound like its coming from the front of the engine (Timing Chain), sounds more valvey, but its strange that a valve would be loose since as they wear they should get tighter? Any ideas would be awesome. Engine has done 143k miles, so part of me is thinking it would be easy to buy a second hand engine and put that in, rather than pull the one I have apart (especially if i'm paying a garage) Aux Belt on - Warm Engine: Aux Belt off - Cold Engine: Thanks
  3. Hi everyone ive just joined and am going crazy. I have spent months going round in circles looking for a company in the uk to send my subaru impreza 2002 wrx to for an engine build. i would like more power full engine build tuning ect. Please can i get some reputable recommended company`s thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm after a EJ25 like the title says. Bare short block, no pistons, rods or crankshaft. Checked eBay and Gumtree, just wondered if anyone was selling one or knew a better place to look. Thanks
  5. Hello, I own a Subaru WRX STI from 2007, Hawkeye, I live in Denmark and I'm currently looking for a EJ25 bare block engine. No pistons, no nothing and untouched. I'm looking to get this untouched EJ25 engine block mounted with forged pistons to make a bit more power and to future proof my car and put the current engine on the shelf. If you have one laying around with no cracks then please contact me. Kind regards Mikkel, from Denmark.
  6. Hi guys, hope all is well! Currently doing some research on modifications for my Impreza WRX GDA 2.0 MY05. I'm wondering what experiences and thoughts you guys have about certain brands / models. I've been looking at these brands: HKS Super Panel Filter K&N Panel Filter K&N 57i Impreza Induction Kit K&N Apollo Cold Air Impreza Induction System K&N Typhoon Enclosed Impreza Induction Kit HKS Super Power Flow HKS Racing Suction Impreza Induction Kit Mishimoto MMAI-WRX-01P What are you guys thoughts?
  7. Hi all, hope you are well. I've recently brought scooby and after having it for 4 months i've decided to finally put some upgrades on. I found a peice of software called FreeSSM which once plugged in will show all values from your ECU and sensors etc. I'm not looking at tweaking but rather see if anything is not right. Question is does anyone use another other software which may be better or more usefull for me? Also i was wondering if my GDA is OBD or OBD II. Is there any difference etc? Regards Brian P.S Heres a link to a another question of mine 🙂 WRX GDA Performance Gains, Help Needed
  8. So thinking far into the future it would be a dream to get this car to reach 500 or 600 bhp so apart from millions of pound what does it take haha. My thinking was to have the engine built to take a ridiculous amount of power but then just keep it running around 300-350bhp and acquire what i need to get the full potential over the years. I need the engine rebuilt soon anyway and I'm just thinking while its out why not go all out when i know what i have planned for the future. The car has done 110,000 miles now i have no proof off any previous owners of a rebuild in the past but i have had the cam belt checked and all is well. Its running 312bhp now being held back by dirty injectors and a 5 speed box which I've been told will go if its pushed much further. Current specs: 440 yellow injectors , front mount intercooler , RCM fuel pump , K&N 9" cone filter , TDO5 Turbo , 3" straight pipe exhaust from the turbo back. So just want peoples opinions of what it would take what Injectors? what turbo? what internals to go for? can the car handle it? Know anyone who has done it?
  9. Afternoon all, so I have a 2006 Blobeye Impreza WRX. I had a full rebuild around 8k ago now, and things have been fine up until the last two months or so. I now have the following issues that any advice would be greatly appreciated on: 1 - My car boosts fine following an oil and filter change, but after around 1.5-2k it starts to make a strange noise after around 5-7psi of boost. After an oil and filter change it then boosts up to 19psi with no issues or noise. 2 - My car is using oil - a lot! Every week I seem to be topping up oil levels. I have took the filler cap of whilst running and no puffs of smoke, since owing the car (one year in January2018) it has had 5 oil changes, with magnetic sump plug fitter after the first. Which when I change has a small amount of what I can only describe as magnetic sludge on it. No metal partials, just a very fine dust like sludge. This scares me! But reading around I have read that it could be the new bearings wearing in??? I have also read about the PCV valve and that this can increase oil use. Is this true? and where do you find this part in the UK I've looked everywhere! I have part numbers 11819AA001 and 11810AA000 and can only find and import from America - what! My car is also not smoking at all on start up. Condensation yes, but no blue smoke, and when I try and rev or boost higher than just normal driving I don't get clouds of smoke either. Turbo and seals okay I believe? 3 - If i drive at a constant speed/engine load (by this I mean RPM) of above 3k in any gear I get a flashing engine management light - the worst! I've researched and found that this is a misfire. Specifically on an OBD reader is cylinder one. I have done the following to try and rectify it with no success: 1) New set of NGK Iridium Plugs. I've gone for PFR7 (standard STI plugs) as I have a few mods including a ECUtek map that is only running 275bhp, with approximately 19psi of boost. Now I gaped these plugs to 0.65, but then now read that they are 0.7 as standard. Could this be the fault? I have also changed the coil for another one that I had from an STI Intake that I bought, and has not resolved the issue, or changed the cylinder. 4 - when idling from a cold start it idles very well and consistently. When driving if I drop my clutch, the engine speed drops and nearly stalls (<300rpm approx) and then catches itself and increases, it never actually does stall. I have had my MAF sensor out and cleaned this, but made no difference. Now I am no mechanic at all, but I am handy with a spanner and willing to learn, so I hope I haven't embarrassed myself here. This is my first Subaru, and first performance car so please be nice guys. Any advice is greatly appreciated. This is also my daily driver and does around 150-170 miles per week. Thanks in advance, Trev P.S. list of mods: -Rebuilt short block with V7 Pistons, new rings and V10 rods. Honed block and built to a tolerance of "two thou" (so I am told). Re-skimmed heads and pressure tested before fitting. All usual gaskets and seals replaced and including Crank and big end bearings. -Full decat exhaust with ninja two backbox -inner wing induction system - with clean K&N filter -ECUTek remap at 275bhp (tested at Corten Miller - Lincolnshire) after run in of new build - BC Coilovers - hard ride! - Standard Recirculation valve - Silicone hoses all round except turbo intake - doing when I next work on the car Exedy Stage two organic clutch fitted with rebuild Using Subaru Black JDM Oil filter and 5-40 Fully Synthetic Castrol Titanium oil - Planned mods: JDM STI intake with Subaru TGV deletes and STI Pink injectors (bought), and maybe a rebuilt turbo expenses and fiancee permitting lol, and then remap to suit.
  10. Hi all wanted to pick your brains for the best swaps engine wise, my engine is a 1998 , 96k (ej20g) pulls well not had any major issues with it,but instead of whipping the heads off (after suspected head gasket leak) which i’ve yet to trace and confirm, i’m considering future engine swaps in the coming months/year. I don’t want massive power 280-300 would do i’ve read about ej207 blocks and mating the ej20g heads to it, but am unsure of the full facts of the conversion like looms, can i use existing ej20g inlet manifold etc ? headgasket thickness, will everything i remove from the ej20g bolt back up to the 207 block using ej20g heads ? Or is a complete ej205 swap easier ? i’m not monied, so funds are not unlimited tbh . Sorry to bore those who frequently read these type of questions but my knowledge isn’t great engine wise, and google seems to throw up loads of usdm answers that aren’t relevant,cheers in advance . Paul .
  11. Hi all Four months ago misses bought a 11 plate wrx sti 53000 it has not missed a beat while we have had it but the other day while on motorway it started to knock very loud took while to be able to stop not had the courage to have it looked at yet help is it £5000 new engine like I have been told cheers.
  12. Hi All, New 54 reg wrx owner. The car is purely standard apart from the pioneer double set. My aim is to get close to 300 - safely. Even 275 would be nice. want it to be my love until i one day have enough shillings for a sti (light years away) Where do i start? without selling my house, soul and body - which order do i go? And any good names in the east midlands? (Leicester) P.s if anyone local is selling a rear sti boot wing/spoiler, link me. Peace and lurv. jay
  13. I know its not a Subaru engine, its actually a 1.4L 16v Astra Engine, BUT, in April when i get my Impreza i will do an image of that's engine. I thought you guys would enjoy this in the mean time, its a thermal image showing the heat distribution through the engine bay, this is the highest resolution image you will find of a car engine bay, taken with a camera that costs 6 times the price of my car ! its what i do for a living (Selling and using these cameras as well as other things) if you have any questions i will be sure to do my best in answering them. hope you guys enjoy and keep an eye out for my Scooby in April!
  14. Hi guys! I am new to this forum and also new to owning Subaru's in general! I purchased a Subaru Impreza WRX 2006 a few days ago, and she's been a delight to drive, never misses a beat! (Full reliable service history and all that) Today, on the way home from seeing my friend, I was giving her a little boost, when suddenly the engine management light popped up and the acceleration pedal has NO RESPONSE whatsoever..?! I pulled over immediately, per her in neautral and lifted the handbrake. The car revved the 3k and dropped the 500 revs continuously, throttle not responding to the pedal whatsoever. I proceeded to turn the vehicle off, wait 5 minutes, then turn her on again. She started fine, I checked under the car and under the bonnet, all fine and appears normal? I drove her home with no problems at all, I tried every gear and tried boosting hard again, everything worked perfectly; but the engine management light is still up. i have her booked into my mates garage for diagnostics on Monday, just wondering if anyone knows what's going on and could maybe advise? Hoping it's a sensor fault haha! thanks guys! -Sean
  15. Hey People My 2005 blobeye wrx ppp has gone through almost 4L oil in just over 3 months.... No running issues, no smoke, no nocking noise runs good tbh but this oil consumption is not right, anyone got any ideas what could be happening? cheers
  16. Wanting either a engine rebuild or to just buy a new engine. Ideally 400-500 bhp. What is the best way to go about doing this? Should i buy one of these ready built forged engines or do i pay to get my own rebuilt?
  17. Hi all So the subaru impreza turbo 2000, 1999 i bought a few months ago seemed to have ran fine until the engine went and not its not running at all. I need a new engine and contacted some people who got back to me and said they have an engine from a Subaru impreza Turbo 2004/5. My question is would that engine go straight into mine?
  18. Hi Does anyone have any knowledge on reconditioned engines, i heard they are not the same as a second hand one or a used working one but wanted to know your views on purchasing reconditioned engines.
  19. 1996 JDM Impreza wrx import model gc8 c48d mileage is 130,000 mixture of kilometres and miles couldn't tell you when cambelt was last changed either sorry driving along at 75- 80 mph heard a noise like something was loose slowed down noise was still there sped up noise got worse so I quickly stopped on the motorway with engine running with a knocking noise and when revving it sounded like something was loose but none the less engine was still running with no warning lights on dash I really need help on this I'm a first time Subaru owner and only had the car 2 days before this happens other than this the car ran and pulled like a dream for her age very tight and stern never missing a beat. Please help thanks
  20. Hi Guys, Hopefully this is a quick one. My 2004 Legacy 2.5i MT needs a new engine. I've been offered a full car, 2003 Legacy 2.5se AT so just need to know if the engine would be a straight swap? Mine is a EJ251, the donor car is a EJ252. Also will my manual box mate to the new EJ252, which is currently auto? Thanks in advance!
  21. Dear Sir/Mam, We are looking for parts for a Subaru Impreza 4WD standard of WRX, preference goes out to a WRX (NO STI !!). Construction year must be from 2002 untill 2007. We are also capable to buy complete damaged cars. We would like to have information (construction year, type, miles etc.) and pricing of the parts that are listed below (if you have them) • Front spindles with full brakes and front lower control arms • Rear spindles with brakes and e-brake handle/cables • Steering rack, tie rod ends, and upper steering column assembly • Pedal box and throttle pedal • Master cylinder and brake booster, and clutch master cylinder • Engine with turbo and intercooler (if WRX model) • Exhaust manifolds, O2 sensors, and down tube • Transmission • Rear lower control arms, toe links, and CV joints • Front seats, front seat belts, and gauge pod • Fuel pump • Radiator • Wheels and tires • Door hinges, rear w/ latches,strikers, and inside door handles • Side view mirrors, left and right • Rear view mirror • Rear seat belts • Rear Sway Bar Thanks in advance, Hammink Performance
  22. Hi guys, Sorry - bit new to forums so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did look but the forum archive is vast and it's like looking for a needle in a haystack especially as most peeps have Turbos. I have a 2001 'W reg' Classic Sports Wagon on 114K - It needs the suspensions replaced, as mine are shagged, it's like driving a bar of soap around corners ! Sooo - Will suspension parts from the same year WRX/Turbo2000 go straight onto my Sports Wagon? I've seen S/H shocks on eBay and I'm tempted to get them as they'll be cheaper than new replacements - this will be in addition to other stuff I can find. Finally - will the turbo stock shocks be generally stiffer than a Sports shocks ? Cheers guys - any help welcome
  23. Recently picked up a 95 WRX STi for not a lot, the car just ran out of its MOT, but the main problem I've found when driving is the car completely bogs down and wants to stall as soon as the revs get to where boost kicks in. The car runs and drives fine off boost, but as soon as you get to that area of rev's the engine just shuts down and you need to lift off. As I've just picked this up I'm not all that familiar with the boxer engine as I'm used to a simple little MX5 to work on, so any things I should be looking at as a scooby newbie? Apart from a decat, aftermarket exhaust and an AEM boost gauge on the dash, the car seems to be completely standard. Thanks
  24. hi, my awd turbo has 115k on the clock and isnt running just as smooth as it should and isnt quite as powerful as it should be too, its recently had a full oil change but what else can i do to get it back to running well? thanks
  25. I want to clean my WRX engine. It looks like a previous owner had an anti-freeze pipe or tank or radiator burst all over it, or could it could be some sort of spray on preservative like Supaguard perhaps? I was thinking of using my old steam wallpaper machine to steam it off using only the hose attached. I don't really want to use Gunk because that's really messy and likely to do more damage. Can anyone suggest what I can use to get this thick green film off please? With Thanks.