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All of a sudden ive been getting a burning rubber smell coming through the vents when im driving. When i stop to check what it is, it is coming from the engine, the belts are not slipping and i have had a look on google but cant find anything, if anyone has had this problem before could someone please help figure whats going on. Thanks

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Can you smell oil too?

Most probably cam cover gaskets, have a look to the left of the engine shine a torch down there if there's oil Theres a good chance it needs replacing

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If it defo burning rubber/maybe plastic smell I would look at what's in play when your driving then mate, your really gonna be looking at power steering belt or tyres rubbing on something I would have thought, maybe plastic engine undertray loose and getting pushed onto exhaust at speed, if it's defo defo rubber, I would think tyres or power steering belt as a start

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