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  1. Piggy signing off, no longer a scooby owner, moved over to the dark side, thanks for having me 👍😶
  2. That's it, the dream is over, scoob has been traded in for another car and all bits for build being sold off 😶
  3. Hi all I have just sold my scoob so will soon be listing all the parts from the forged engine build I was in the process of doing on here and scabbynet there will be New unused fully built forged ej25 bottom end with closed deck insert/conversion with killer b oil pickup and sump fitted, brand new crank, rods, 100mm pistons etc and 1.7mm headgaskets, arp 14mm head bolts etc etc Wrapped williams headers used Wrapped harvey uppipe used 3" turbo back polished full exhaust system used Used hawkeye sti heads single avcs with 3 angle valves, with new valve guides and seals kelford beehive valve spring kit new water pump new white line anti lift kit new loads of parts from import car parts, gaskets, ceramic pulleys, crank sprocket etc more stuff that I can't remember at the mo if interested drop me a mail mike will get some pics up soon
  4. I was just giving a heads up 😜😜
  5. Welcome, very good friendly forum as long as you don't mention number plates that vaguely resemble scooby/Subaru/Webbie/sc08sby etc 😂😂 @Rps
  6. Pictures of car ? Model/year/colour etc
  7. Just fancied chucking it on as it's just sitting there lol
  8. Yeah, go with that mate, too integrated to mess about with, if still not great run speakers off small amp
  9. The one I put in is all touch screen too, but from my googling my year model car had a weak head unit and not too bad speakers as a rule so changing the head unit made a lot of difference I think I got an 8700 Bt DVD model can't remember the prefix, maybe avh or summat, I presume your head unit would be a much better one than my standard one so probs is speakers
  10. I've bought an extendable brush that fits on the hose, a mobilecrotary washing line, cadac bbq to plug into gas outlet, some reclining chairs and a parasol 🙄 That's all I'm admitting to so far lol
  11. So, if I stick the full decatted 3" turbo back system on my car what issues am I likely to have ???
  12. Got a 2007 hawk wrx, shocking sound system until I replaced the head unit with a nice pioneer , I am now more than happy with the sound quality and volume, not in boy racer league obviously but enough to be too loud still, don't know if your car has a simple double din unit, if it has I would start there unless the later cars actually do suffer with rubbish speakers
  13. Might sound silly but could it have been a mouse ? I did some work on a Hyundai jeep thing and a rodent had made a home in the box and had eaten through the panel filter
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