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    Classic Cars. I have a Facel Vega HK500 and half share in an XK140.
    I fly radio controlled models: slope soaring gliders, powered planes and helicopters.
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    Legacy Estate
  1. Long time and no need to consult the forum but now I do. Legacy 2.5 Auto, 59 reg and 69k miles. Regularly serviced and MoT'd though I have only done about 9k miles since purchase Jan 2014. Recently it started producing a KNOCK whilst moving. This can happen when just about rolling forward and/or at any speed. It hardly seems related to any particular bumps in the road. I can go over several and no KNOCK, then something gentle and it goes KNOCK! I've had it on a ramp several times. I have replaced antiroll bar drop links front and back. I can see no loose connections of subframes to body, no broken road spring, nothing which feels loose or with play. It is not a transmission fault. Any ideas?? Could it be a shock absorber internal problem? There's nothing loose in the boot. Thanks for any advices. Jerry
  2. The eBay item is the retractable cover. I have that but it stops short of the tailgate and there's a gap which should be filled by a removable panel plugs into a slot in the tailgate. Thanks for looking Gambit. And thanks for the Coventry Dealer number, they are just about my closest. (no Thumbs-up smilie available ) Ta, Jerry
  3. As it says. This is for a 2009 model. WHY? My Legacy came without the panel which fits into a slot inside the tailgate to close off the view behind the load cover. Without this, boot contents can be seen through the rear window. The dealer (not Subaru) I got the car from did not help me find this. I won't call a Subaru dealer on principle, as they all use 0844 numbers Jerry
  4. Gambit's original advice to me for my OP was of course correct, as is the answer in post #14. Took me a while to cotton on to the key position required for a single press of the key button to be effective in turning off the immobiliser. Thanks Gambit.
  5. deleted because the quote button would not work :(
  6. Thanks Gambit. That will be very useful. Just as a reminder, my car is a 59 reg Legacy 2.5 SE Wagon. Jerry
  7. And is it a DVLA scam to get extra revenue? When selling the car, will we only get back tax to subsequent whole months whilst the new owner pays again from the 1st of same month? Clearly the refund should be for all the days paid for.
  8. Cheers Gambit. There is only 1 button on my keys which turns the alarm on and off. So pressing it once does not do the business. Obviously I don't want to disable the immobiliser completely. I don't understand why it needs to be active if the key is in the ignition and has been present when the alarm is turned off. If the immobiliser has to be activated sometime after the alarm is off, a more sensible delay period would be acceptable. The question is - can the delay be lengthened? Jerry
  9. This feature is RIDICULOUS I just went to the shops, got a few groceries, opened the back door to put 'em on the seat, get in the front, belt on, key in, turn and no go :(. One press of the button, turn the key and the alarm goes off. It is really stupid!! and I'm not impressed by this. To have to lock and unlock the car in such a short time.................... AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!
  10. Well, I've had my legacy for a couple of weeks now and one aspect is driving me mad The immobiliser. What is the point of having this activate, i.e. prevent the engine starting because I have not done so within a ridiculously short time (<30sec) of unlocking the car??? :( Taking the key out of the ign and putting it back in does nothing. The car locks have to be activated and opened again before the car will start. It seems to me that having the key in the ignition, or even just in the car (as it communicates through the transponder system) should be enough. Anyone know if there is a way to sort this? At least lengthen the time between unlocking and starting the engine?? Cheers, Jerry.
  11. B**MER :( Looks like there are no FSDs for the Legacy. Guess I will have to learn to live with the ride too.
  12. I suspect I will learn to live with wind noise. I don't think it is that bad, but will see. Fitting Koni FSD's is a real possibility, if they are available for this car. It took until I'd done 90k miles in the Alfa before I bit the bullet (needed new suspension arms anyway) to do the business. The transformation was marked and obvious and the ride (at 147k) is still fine. I will keep you's posted, but don't hold your breath
  13. Well you guys helped as far as I'm concerned, thank you v much. It's a good car for what I need, looks and goes OK and should be reliable. As I do less mileage these days a newer diesel was out and the only alternative I could think of (other than another Alfa) was a Skoda Octavia FRS ........... but there ain't one around at this time. No reflection on the forum but you possibly won't see too much of me now, unless I have any problem.
  14. The deed is done and I will collect the car 30th Dec. :)
  15. Thanks for comments Guys. TBH I did not think the noise level to be that intrusive, so we will see as I have now done the deal getting some hard looks from SWMBO ;) Collecting on 30th for 1st Jan tax disc. No 2 son will have my Alfa and I hope I don't regret it one way or another. :D