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  1. If I'm honest I was going to do the wheels red but as everything with the skyline has unfolded I'm doing the wheels on that red (once I get around to buying new ones) I didn't want two cars with red rims... and like you say it's all preference not everyone is always going to like everything we do which is good becuase that's what makes all the projects different.... I'm not a huge fan of the actual wheel to be honest but they are so light compared to the Rotas I've left them on... they would look better with a more conventional 22b style wide body... The undertray works well but is heavy.... its a good template for future development.....
  2. Thanks dude.... only buzzed them in with mig so they are not the prettiest! Not been able to do much on this since I've had my first operation... two more to go!!! Anyway I've been looking at the best way to finish off this little monster in a more efficient way which has led to lots of lists.... and who doesn't love a list :) In the mean time I've have been tinkering trying to finish the front end.... which led to the making of an undertray and sorting those vile chrome wheels out... For the undertray I have resorted to plywood becuase we all know that carbon fiber is ugly, heavy and gross ;) ;) .... has nothing to do with it being expensive at all.... so plywood it was.... I actually found a few intresting articles about using plywood in some applications on hill climbs cars.... it centered around the wood built on a frame has a bit more give in it if it bottoms out on undulating road circuits where ground carbon could simply crack it... but anyway... Template and pics below... ive ordered the rose joints and ally bar to support and adjust angle.... Frame work welded up; Fitted up just on little strips of metal for now until the fixing bits arrive.... Then we have the wheels.... pretty self explanatory.... silver base, purple and clearcoat...
  3. Seat rail Sunday.....
  4. Cheers dude, its slowly turning in to the car I want it to be :) The plan on the wastegate pipes id too run them both down the driver side where the stock down pipe would have been. They will go 2 to 1 further down and then join into the main exhaust somewhere under the rear seat area. I'm not a bit fan of dump pipes personally so back into the system for me.....
  5. Minor alteration today as its still friggin' raining..... I wanted to change the pipe from the compressor to the intercooler. I had no particular issues with it under the inlet manifold but with the stock power steering pump being used going under the there with the PS pipe work makes more sense and there isn't room for both. Another aesthetic reason for changing the IC pipe is that it now runs along the same angles as the air box and also the Air filter pipe once I've made it... and we all like a little symmetry ever now and then I chopped the old pipe to save a bit of time and effort then cut come more Ti for the new section, once correct it go the heat applied to it so it matches the other pipe work, Welded up, and fitted up
  6. Cheers guys, bit more scoob process but rain stop play so I couldn't et finished what I wanted too today. So air box is complete for the most part just needs some tidying up. There is one more hole to chop into it but I need to make the front duct first. The connecting pipe from turbo to air box also still needs to be made but I'm waiting on material for that. I also set about the interior. Well first stages. So carpet and stock seats out along with a few more unnecessary bits. Also knocked out the sound deadening. There is some still to remove in the boot and some more on the bulk head but I will tackle that when I pull the dash out. Test fit of the Sparcos too. Air box: Then the interior: LOADS TO DO!!!!!
  7. As I mentioned before with the turbo still being located at the rear of the engine bay but now facing the opposite was a new air box was needed. I/m still going to use a B&M cone filter with cold feeds but just inside a box to try and limit heat soak into the filter. Where the original front mount used to be there is a hole through, and also where I had located the electric PS pump (no longer using) there is also a hole that can be used. Once all that is in I will pull the front bumper off and make a duct from there also leading to the filter box. So with 3 entry points and the B&M its about the best I can do with it. I thought I had some 4" ally pipe, turned out I didn't so I rolled a short piece just to mount the filter in side; this will protrude the rear of the box where the Titanium pipe will link the box to the compressor cover, so this is where it is so far.... Filter and the 4" ally tube Then the mock to get the sizing and the Sheet metal tacked. There is a scallop around the filler cap so you can get it on and off without messing about so that still need to be cut and shaped...
  8. Much better
  9. well that was a very wobbly boot lid, but welded and smoothed bar the ones for the wing, Will prime and paint tomorrow...
  10. As for todays agenda, the boot lid.... exciting right? no not really its a boot lid, with holes in it.... and who paints a bootlid with the spoiler still attached!!!
  11. I think I mentioned before I wasn't totally happy with the down pipe situation being as tight as it turned out to be so in an effort to aid the issue I dismantled the manifold, ordered a few new bits and turned the turbo through 180 degrees to get a far better exit on the exhaust.... Old manifold chopped ready for trimming and clean up plus a few extra bits. Again all in 321 stainless, there are a couple of 304 bits in there that were from the old MVR single wastegate outlet, these were removed due to the new twin MVS set up....... New up pipes with the twin MVS units... and the rest of the revised header on the dumby block in the shed ..... virtually finished up with the gates fitted: And a test fit just for a pic with the turbo and 76mm to 89mm for the down pipe.... It was also time to give the engine bay a refresh with a lick of paint.... the car was painted white from silver before I bought it and the engine bay was never done so high time it happened..... Engine out and bay being prepped.... A bit of white followed by a bit of black ... Then its just a case of getting the whole thing back together..... new pullies are on route also... few other hings will have to change like the header tank location and PS reservoir which I will remake one the ait filter/ air box is in... new PS lines and cooler will need to go in as I will go back to using the stock PS pump and use the electric one for the GTR... engine, intercooler and rad back in.... lights and bumper re fitted.... Now to make a big long to do list
  12. Its been a while since I have updated this thread..... The beast is still going though not running yet unfortunately.... Due to a ton of personal stuff since last August I just haven't had a chance to get anything done on the car.... well nothing significant anyway.... I have all the wiring components now so will get on with that soon.... there are a few other things to address first.... first of which was that I nearly fogot what it actually looked like under here Now while the car has been sitting.... it became very apparent just how much water gets into the air box. Whilst for a race car this, I belive, is still a very good set up. On the road in this country with our weather.... its just not practical.... Air box fills up, there was water in the compressor cover... and not a small amount.... So I will be moving the turbo position. Still across the back of the engine bay but rotated through 180 degrees to face the other way. The air box will now be located in the more conventional position on the drivers side of the engine bay. A couple of advantages to this new position. The airbox isn't over the one biggest heat source, the engine. There is now a lot more room to run two wastegates as opposed to the one big one which offers mild benefits over the one big single one in terms of boost control. The down pipe will now run over the gearbox and down the passenger side of the engine bay. Currently the down pipe comes off the turbo and goes into an immediate tight 180 degree bend to get back down to meet the exhaust. Now the down pipe will come out the turn in a dear straight line for about 24" before dropping down to meet the system vastly improving flow... So that is in the process before I wire the car... The electric power steering pump is being ditched as that will be going on my GTR so stock pump will go back on. This was originally removed to make way for the intercooler pipe work which is now being rerouted due to new turbo position... Given this is becoming a more focused car there has also been a wheel change. They are currently a rather vial chrome but they will be going off to be stripped so I can repaint them.... may keep the purple colour I had on the Rotas but I tempted to go with a real bright red instead.... will see how we go They are still 18X10 I would suggest they are an ET20 as the sit a few mill further in the arch than the rotas but not by much... They also need new rubber as they currently have "stretched" tyres on them so some 265's need to be employed to do that job at some stage.... The reason for the change is they are a lot lighter than the Rotas and will still look pretty cool.... Looking forward the STI 6 wing has been ditched for a Carbon wing. Fortunately I had one laying around so that has been used get an eye in for how that will look. This one isn't quite wide enough so I will be changing this out for the wider Aerokit unit once I have the other bots sorted out which I 10" wider overall than the one fitted.... With aero in mind I have fitted a larger splitter. I also got the cardboard out and had a play with potential canard ideas so fibreglass one to follow soon once I decide what way to go... Mildly annoying: I also managed to bag a couple of Sparcos which are considerably lighter than the stock seats... So really its back on it between other jobs to finally get this thing up and running get it on the road and track and have a laugh in it.... Its been 2years since the engine first popped and is long over due....
  13. TOYS.... Roll bars: Drop links. Anti lift....
  14. The BC are just failing apart. The rears where leaking and top mounts knockings I had assumed the whole struts where broken so got 2 new rears. The leaking stopped but the knocking was still there even in the brand new shocks. The ride, in my opinion, is horrid. not because its hard or firm that's what you get with coilovers. But really harsh. There is little absorption in bumps. They just kind of hit the bumps without soaking them up. I have had XYZ before on my RX7. They where really nice (that's compared to other units like Tein/BC and Apex which also tried on that car. After a couple of year I upgraded to Nirton NTR dampers for more adjstment). XYZ never gave me any problems. yes they where hard but soaked up the bumpers in the damping area. Again like those on the RX7 they are their entry level Super Sport kit. Design for more road use. 30 way damping, full body height adjustable. Separate spring pre load adj. Camber adj. these ones use a rubberised pillow ball type top mount. Unlike their race kits which use a more conventional pillow ball mount. These being entry level come in at around £600 from Scooby Parts. Don't let the price fool you. Being a street coilover they are their cheapest unit. They offer a huge range of coilovers from these @ £600 right through to Gravel and Tarmac rally specs and the Circuit Master remote reservoired range that was used by the Alfa Romeo WTCC team @ over $3,000. For the money in my opinion they stunning. Just as a foot note. There are lots of posts on forums with people saying they are the same as BC/Apex n what ever. They are not. They use different top mounts. They have bigger bodies and use a bigger piston.
  15. Got the coilovers through today from Tim @ Scoobyparts. Cannot praise them enough for their service. Parts turning up promptly. Second box tomorrow with the Whiteline parts. They've kept me up to date all the way through. Very very happy. And over the moon with the coilovers too. Will get them on as soon as I get half a chance. Few of pics.