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  1. With the wiring diagrams all now sorted out I turned my attention to the exhaust. Because I'm told that I still can't do too much physical work I turned to the trusty Fusion 360 to make sure all the sizes I had worked out were correct.... You can quite quickly see why I did so much work to the rear floor of the car and the weird design I have decided to go with for the silencers. There are a couple of reasons for this. Side exits are crazy loud as they act as megaphones, to keep the build as compact as possible first for weight, secondly because even with all that work there isn't enough room for more silencers. The system design goes from the GT40 at 3" and cones up 3.5". The 3.5" then runs all the way back back to the Y pipe where it splits into dual 3" and into the two twin loop mufflers before allowing the noise to escape through the 2" x 5" oval tips. Conventional straight through inline pipes we all know and love as I said in a side exit configuration is very loud. Inverted multi-layer expansion-type silencers widely used by car manufacturers provides stable silencing. This is where the sound/gasses passes trough several divided silencer chambers but has the disadvantages of power loss, larger and heavier than other silencers. As a result of our quest for the ideal design for racing engines, Mugen developed the "twin loop-type silencer," in which the pipe is twisted into two loops and passes straight through the silencer twice. This could be considered the best arrangement as it combines uninterrupted free flowing pipes with a larger amount of sound absorption.... but proof will be in the pudding once it built... Some pics.... I did get a little carried away in the end!!!!
  2. The classic looks great with the chin spoiler, skirts and door handles non colour coded with the dark wheels....
  3. So while I'm not able to do anything physical for a bit I've turned my attention to the wiring.... as you know I have pulled all looms and wires out the car so none remain. I did chop the interior loom right down but I have decided to remake that as well as the engine harness.... which means there is a lot to consider.... after going through the eve pin outs, assigning in and outputs etc I decided a good idea would be to draw out all the individual circuits before bringing them together.... this has resulted in and engine look and a lighting and interior loom.... So here is what I came up with as a guide to location, volume of wire required and just a visual reference so I can get my head around it.... the example uses here is the lighting loom.... So first off the lighting circuit.... no do bare in mind these are more for visual reference.... Then I decided to scribble a quick top view of the car.... this then allows me to place another sheet of paper over the top to draw in the circuit.... Then on this sheet I can draw in approximate locations of busbars, relays and get a rough idea of the length of wires needed to each circuit..... in this pic is the lighting, power windows and rear screen heater.... This may seem a little long winded but it does provide me with a less confusing veiw of it all.... I then did the same with the ecu engine harness for the syvecs....
  4. Annoyingly after getting the bugvagain to get cracking with this strange contraption health has managed to get in the way again. After a ten day stage in hospital after surgery I'm back to a six to eight week recovery again.... which is frustrating to say the least.... However just before that I did manage to get a few niggly bits done in the engine. Water system/ header tank and lines are all in and buttoned up, power steering cooler and lines are all in along with all the vacuum system, 4 port boost solenoid and MAP sensor.... I have to take some pics of most of those bits still but here is a couple of the wee header tank. You can also see where the MAP sensor will be mounted although it isn't in the picture....
  5. I'd missed the post that this had come back out the body shop.... Looks awesome dude.... My first scoob was a silver '94 so I've always had had a bit of a soft spot for the early ones.... looks great chap....
  6. Diff mount is almost finished. There are a few more braces to weld in just to aid with the twisting motion from the drivechain but you get the idea. The brace that holds the diff is also tied into the floor support and exhaust mount points that are part of the rear floor section. I have also spent a while re working the rear arches a little and modding the rear bumper with cuts aways. These will have addition sections added in which I'm hoping i might get done tomorrow. There is some fiber glass work to do on the bumper too which i will have to do before paint.... some pics: The almost finished diff brace: The new rear floor section which has been mad to house the two side exit silencers: As for the arches, you can't really tell from a pic the changes as they look pretty similar but evidence to show the working :D and also the cut away sections which, with any luck, will look better in the next few days: Doesn't look like much has been done but there is a "few" hours in there the last couple of days!!! Once these bits are done i will be making the battery tray, mounting the ECU and Injector driver. Then onto the the PS reservoir, header tank and air intake tube.... my tube roller is busted so for now I will use 4" ally tube for that and will build the Ti one at the later date once i have rolled the tube.... The onto the Exhaust and wiring!!! Oh yeah and the fuel system!... I forgot about the fuel system!!! Quite important that bit! but anyway there isn't a huge amount left to do which has given me a 2nd wind :D
  7. So the only thing thus far that i haven't added is the mods to the rear floor which is where the two silencers will be for the side exits.... you genuinely can't get any big silencers in there with the fuel tank so that is going in the boot, and even then the space isn't great. So i have also removed the big T bar that supports the diff which will be placed with a small lighter fabricated option and polly bushed and the actual rear floor has been partly removed to get more height for bigger mufflers.... So a couple of pics of the floor... diff mounts to follow.... As we all know and love it.... New section: Sitting in place.... now the side still need to be filled in but i'm waiting for some metal to do that... but you get the idea.... Playing with exhaust ideas, will defiantly go with twin side exits, one either side, the exits have been made into flat oval using a length of pipe and some sheet metal.... so made those today and trimmed the skirts to get an idea to style and placement.... I will have to get the diff mounted underneath before i can build the exhaust properly but definitely happy with the look.... the tips:
  8. Just doing the mounting bracket... first design was a bit plan son the second is a bit more holey!... a friend of mine has a 3d printer so I've just sent the model over to him for him to print for me.....
  9. Not a problem.... to be honest if this wasn't the kind of thing I did for a living it would be a very different car... A curious black box turned up this morning.... What's inside??? The comes the question... near or far.... have to say I think it's close for me.... means the dash moves with the height adjustment on the steering colum..... Near:
  10. I might have just bought a dash!!
  11. The pesky interior.... lots to do here. The S6 I have isn't a plug and play. I didn't want too use the stock loom as it has issue so a full new engine loom is required and I shall do that bit soon. The aim here again along with the seat swap is too loose weight and make it all simple.... A vast strip back of the stock loom saved a huge 13kgs.... these is leaving the lights, wiper systems, front electric windows, steering rack controls and indicators. pretty much everything else has gone.... including the bulky air con unit and heater unit.... The heater is being replaced with a smaller much lighter unit.... so that's those gone: all this seemed very unnecessary: And this is what is left: with the heater unit /air con unit/wiring an over all saving of just under 21 kgs.... that'll do for now....
  12. Playing around with aero ideas.... canards mainly... wanted something that might actually do some good but not look too daft.... With nothing about on the self to suit mine i set about it with the old fiber glass.... Test fit.... meds a bit of trimming etc...
  13. If I'm honest I was going to do the wheels red but as everything with the skyline has unfolded I'm doing the wheels on that red (once I get around to buying new ones) I didn't want two cars with red rims... and like you say it's all preference not everyone is always going to like everything we do which is good becuase that's what makes all the projects different.... I'm not a huge fan of the actual wheel to be honest but they are so light compared to the Rotas I've left them on... they would look better with a more conventional 22b style wide body... The undertray works well but is heavy.... its a good template for future development.....
  14. Thanks dude.... only buzzed them in with mig so they are not the prettiest! Not been able to do much on this since I've had my first operation... two more to go!!! Anyway I've been looking at the best way to finish off this little monster in a more efficient way which has led to lots of lists.... and who doesn't love a list :) In the mean time I've have been tinkering trying to finish the front end.... which led to the making of an undertray and sorting those vile chrome wheels out... For the undertray I have resorted to plywood becuase we all know that carbon fiber is ugly, heavy and gross ;) ;) .... has nothing to do with it being expensive at all.... so plywood it was.... I actually found a few intresting articles about using plywood in some applications on hill climbs cars.... it centered around the wood built on a frame has a bit more give in it if it bottoms out on undulating road circuits where ground carbon could simply crack it... but anyway... Template and pics below... ive ordered the rose joints and ally bar to support and adjust angle.... Frame work welded up; Fitted up just on little strips of metal for now until the fixing bits arrive.... Then we have the wheels.... pretty self explanatory.... silver base, purple and clearcoat...