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  1. two ends of the hawkeye lowly NA wagon and an STI running 330+ bhp.
  2. if you really are limited on budget for the tyres, try Jinyu YU63s - about £40 a corner on Camskill. I've had some nasty Chinese tyres in the past that have given up with the slightest bit of damp on the roads, but when I bought my Impreza last year it had 4 new Jinyus on it, and they have been great. No handling issues at all in wet, dry or snow. I've only got 160bhp to play with mind you...
  3. thanks! got them ordered now...
  4. @HawkeyeLawrence really nice motor, puts my 2.0 R Sport to shame! Where did you get the leather gaiter with red stiching for the gearstick and handbrake? Want to get them for mine...
  5. a mere £1200 for a 2003 WRX wagon... oh and our other car is a sensible diesel hatchback...2013 Hyundai i30 - it feels really heavy, but 55mpg + so cant complain.
  6. I know that some DPFs are a hell of a lot easier to clean out than others. Some of them need cutting and re-welding for example. I was quoted around £750 for replacement DPF, so not up at £2k, but that was an Audi A3 so I dont know how Subaru ones compare. Taking out the DPF and doing the software cheat I guess is an option - but how does this affect your insurance in event of an accident? and I think its an MOT fail now too?
  7. @scandalxk there's some useful stuff in this thread about the diesels. I had DPF issues on my last car, and they wanted £750 for a new unit - that was a VAG 1.9 TDi. Surely your budget can get you a tidy enough Octavia Scout? since your last one has been dependable!
  8. noticed the nearside sidelight bulb in my hawkeye wagon has gone, from what I have read its a nightmare to change? have got the bulbs (501 W5W) so will give it a go soon, believe its an MOT fail item and that is due in next couple months. Any helpful advice before I start?!
  9. I'll bore you with my varied car history, and age in brackets... · 1996(P) Nissan Micra 1.0 vibe (19) · 2000(W) Fiat Punto 3dr 1.9 JTDm (19) · 1999(T) Ford Escort 1.8 TD finesse (20) · 2005(55) Ford Focus Mk.2 LX 1.6 petrol (22) · 2004(54) Ford Focus Mk.1 Zetec 1.8 TDCi (23) · 2010(60) BMW 118d sport coupe (26) · 2010(10) SEAT Exeo ST SE 2.0 TDi (27) · 2009(09) Alfa 147 1.9 JTDm collezione (28) · 2009(09) Audi A3 1.9 TDie sport 3dr (30) · 2005(55) Subaru Impreza 2.0 NA wagon (32)
  10. @matt lol cheers mate, i happen to love my wee NA wagon. 160bhp, 0-60 in 8.5 secs, it's not a turbo sure, but its far less crap than many other cars on the road...
  11. yeah this stuff...about 3 coats.
  12. I did my centre console at the weekend, used Matt Pack full dip gunmetal grey colour. It's definitely a matt finish, might be good to try some glossifier stuff on it, but anyway quite happy with the results for a first effort!
  13. So I did the centre console at the weekend. Pretty pleased with the colour. I put too much on the bit by the gear stick so maybe peel it off and try again sometime, but a cheap and easy face-lift for the interior I think.
  14. mine had 5 previous owners, and that's me had it 7 months now without any issues, so I wouldnt personally stress too much about number of owners. I have had 11 different cars in 14 years of driving, some I have kept for as little as 5 months - mostly due to boredom lol. Good luck finding a good one anyway.
  15. got my wagon back after some fluid changes. Engine oil and filter + gearbox and rear diff oil. According to service history these were never changed since new (in 2005) - guy said the old oil was like milk when it came out, so its good it was done.