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  1. if you are buying it from AF Noble, I am sure they have a few other diesel XVs on the forecourt. Ask them to drive one of them to see if you find the same issue with the gears.
  2. welcome back! Most of the mainstream press dont review Subaru's too well, not sure if that's because they dont get much advertising revenue from them compared with VAG group, PSA, GM, etc...#cynic?
  3. it should not be difficult to find any gear in any modern car - I would think twice about that car.
  4. have a wee look at this thread, had a similar issue with mine - although its a non turbo...
  5. passed MOT with flying colours! and stumped up £305 in road tax...
  6. I took my last car into a place in Dumbarton - Castle Powder coating. They did 4 wheels refurb and powder coated in gunmetal grey, which looked pretty mint imho. It was £200 in 2015.
  7. Removed some forestry products! 8 runs to the dump in total...
  8. Fitted some shiny new rear discs and pads, in prep for MOT next week...
  9. That's that job done. Fingers crossed for MOT now...
  10. So I went ahead and ordered those bits. 2 rear discs (solid not vented) and a set of Mintex pads for £59.50 all in. Used AutopartsUK which turns out is owned by Arnold Clark. Will fit them this weekend...should help me through the MOT in a fortnight in any case.
  11. Yeah it's in the fuel tank. I've never changed mine because of where it is. Let me know where you get the part from and how you get on fitting it! I'll maybe have a go myself...
  12. Got MOT coming shortly and noticed my rear discs are pretty corroded. Can pick up a pair of new rear discs and sets of pads for £82 all in. Disctech discs and mintex pads, anyone used these bits before? Also do you know if the cylinder in the caliper pushes back easily with a g clamp? I know some Subarus need a screw in tool to get the cylinder back. Thanks!
  13. W444AJD

    up on a ramp

    doing a college class just now on car maintenance, had my car up on the ramp for a look...#rusty
  14. Got some nice red stitched leather fitted! £12 off eBay. Pretty pleased.
  15. Subaru UK website gives all the details. My 55 plate Impreza is effected. I've been on the waiting list at my local dealer for about 5 months...