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  1. This is interesting. I have a similar issue. Sometimes, I lose all power as the turbo spools; I get major backfire then all the boost hits at once. It's quite thrilling, to be honest, but obviously isn't normal. For some reason my car hates V-power, despite the fact it was mapped on that, it just prefers 97 Ron from Esso and only from Esso.
  2. Buying a impreza

    I'm with Stuartie - make sure they have proof of the mods. I found mine on eBay, took a mate that had better knowledge than myself, so all went well. I'd have to agree with mattb too - find a standard one, ideally an STI, you won't regret it over a WRX
  3. Completly forgot to update this! Turned out just to be the bearing that needed to be replaced, took the garage two days and cost £170. I'd love to say that's all my problems sorted but once I had that fixed, my CV joint started making a racket
  4. So my driver's side driveshaft has recently started making a racket, so I am just going to replace both sides but was wondering if there are any uprated ones available? And if possible, what sort of prices would I be looking at for an OEM in comparison. eBay has a fair few on there, but most are second hand.
  5. Ah, hopefully I get lucky. It's bad timing for car to start playing up on me. Thanks for the heads up though, appreciate it! I'll give everyone an update once it's sorted, might help someone in the future
  6. That's all I need! How long were you driving on it with a bad bearing though? I forgot to mention, it's my rear drivers side bearing. I haven't drove it since finding out. Got it booked in for Saturday, fingers crossed it's just the bearing
  7. It turns out it's my driver's side wheel bearing. The wheel is bearly attached! Ball ache as it's something I can't-do myself.
  8. Thanks guys. The car feels wavy at speed.. that might be better way to put it. I didn't end up getting home till after 8, but have had it jacked up on passenger side n both bearings are fine. Are driveshafts meant to have any play back and fourth? Took it out after checking what I could with my phone light, I noticed something is rubbing on one of the discs, sometimes I hear a clucking sound when going left though. None of the dust shields appear/feel like they're rubbing. I need to take a proper look during the day
  9. I realise this has been covered quite a bit over all the forums, but none fully relate to my issue. So yesterday, all of a sudden when turning left I started hearing a grinding noise from the back wheel, or possibly the front, I really can't tell. My first thought is the wheel bearing. I'm working till 7 so not able to have a proper look till later, but was just wondering if anybody else had any ideas? Took it down an A road home and when following the road to the left, it feels super unstable or sorta pulls to the right (My tracking is out by like 1/4 inch to the right though). Even following normal roads round to the left at 30 it struggles. So just to be clear, the noise only happens when turning left. I do have a strange sound in cabin when driving straight, above 30, and it does sound like a bearing, but in all years I've been driving, I've never had my bearings make a noise when turning,
  10. My 2006 hawk STI

    Maybe a tad loud for me...
  11. My 2006 hawk STI

    I might go down the same route. I get the odd pop now and then, but it's not that noticeable
  12. My 2006 hawk STI

    Is it really that loud! I like the stock look with the prodrive box, but it's just not loud enough for me.
  13. My 2006 hawk STI

    Exactly, no sooner you've hit second you're already doing near on 60+ 320-340 is more than enough for the streets in my opinion
  14. My 2006 hawk STI

    @Rps I'm not a goth, but I admit, I mostly wear black I know the feeling. I thought 330-340bhp would be enough, but I need more!
  15. My 2006 hawk STI

    I must admit, the blue does look better on the blobeye, and that front splitter massively improves the look of the front end. I've not seen a blobeye with the roof spoiler before either. Is that bolted on or stuck on with some type of adhesive? What are they both putting out?