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  1. Maybe a tad loud for me...
  2. I might go down the same route. I get the odd pop now and then, but it's not that noticeable
  3. Is it really that loud! I like the stock look with the prodrive box, but it's just not loud enough for me.
  4. Exactly, no sooner you've hit second you're already doing near on 60+ 320-340 is more than enough for the streets in my opinion
  5. @Rps I'm not a goth, but I admit, I mostly wear black I know the feeling. I thought 330-340bhp would be enough, but I need more!
  6. I must admit, the blue does look better on the blobeye, and that front splitter massively improves the look of the front end. I've not seen a blobeye with the roof spoiler before either. Is that bolted on or stuck on with some type of adhesive? What are they both putting out?
  7. I believe Andy Carr mapped mine... or may have been Andrew Carr. Anyhow, it was live mapped so I never got a dyno print out. He estimated 330-340bhp according to the previous owner, but I plan on getting it on a rolling road for peace of mind. I'll likely choose ScoobyClinic in Chesterfield. Don't get me wrong the blue looks great but it's a bit too popular for my taste. I rarely see any black subies, at least where I drive about anyway. I don't think the scoop from the blobeye would line up properly. I'm sure there's specially made ones around though.
  8. Mines pretty much at what you're after, part from I'm on stock suspension at the moment It has stage 2 exedy clutch, paired with the exedy lightweight flywheel. I've never felt a stock clutch, so I'm not sure how it compares, but It feels a lot stiffer than my bimmer This might be helpful...
  9. Nice! What other plans do you have? And what's your opinion on the Prodrive backbox? I have the same back box and feel as if it's not got enough noise. Any engine pictures?
  10. What size do you recommend that doesn't involve too much hassle? Currently on stock suspension but am going to upgrade to coils in the coming months. I rarely have more than one person in the car, but go on regular road trips, so I carry plenty of luggage, and possibly the extra person. The car will only be used on the streets. I'm after a look similar to the car below
  11. Just in case anyone comes across this, it turned out to be the lamber sensor. I was quoted £350, so I recommend you do it yourself as it's like a half hour job, if that if you're more knowledgeable with cars. If I remember correctly, I paid £120 then like £15 for the tool. Drove around the block, the car ran smoother, idled lower and pulled much better. I am, however, having issues with launching the car. It's not top of my list to sort since I rarely do it, but I will update this when I know the issue
  12. I'm paying nearly 2K! I'm only 22 with 3 years no claims though. If I purchased the car in 2015, my quote was £900 which I can't see the logic as it doesn't necessarily mean I have more experience with the car because I could have had it sorn for a year
  13. I've included a picture of what I need. Does anyone have one? Been asking on eBay for 2 weeks now and only found one dude with one but he want's £120. I wish I got the blobeye now... parts are far easy to find. Btw, thanks to everyone that helped me find an OEM Subaru badge for my bootlid.
  14. I think £40 is a bit extreme. I wouldn't mind an eBay replica to be honest, but havent had any luck in finding one, only in black.
  15. The previous owner put a cheap eBay badge on and it looks awful. My initial idea was just to debadge it, but found out the Hawkeye is bolted from the inside. I have looked on Ebay and contacted a couple of breakers - They want £40 for a badge!! So don't suppose anyone wants to give one away or sell it cheap? :)