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  1. Good afternoon all, So I decided to change the brake fluid yesterday, and well, It did not go to plan... I ended up snapping my rear inner Brembo nipple, as well rounding off the outer one, bearing in mind I gave them both a good torch and a blast of WD40. Thankfully, the rest loosened all ok. The pedal, however, does not feel safe at all. With that said, I had the Mrs assist with the brake pumping... Turned out she was doing it all wrong, and by this point, It was too dark to start over, so I called it a day. I'm not free to work on the car again until next weekend, so I'm yet to see if bleeding only 3 calipers will suffice until I figure out what to do. Drilling the nipple is an option, but from what I've heard, it's 50/50. The other option would be to buy another set of Brembos, but people on eBay are wanting stupid money. Whilst moving the car though, I noticed I now have this strange creaking noise from the front right Brembo when I apply the brake. I'm not too sure how to properly describe it, but it sounds similar to over tightening a piece of wood in a vice. Any ideas? Anyway, this is getting a bit of a long winded read, would it be possible to fit WRX 4 pot calipers onto the rear?
  2. If anyone needs some brake pins and clips for brembos... 06-07 WRX are identical to the STI ones. Maybe that’s obvious, but eBay and a few other places said they’re not. You could save yourself £50 or more 😁
  3. Got the car in the air, rubber piping was knackered. Sorted now 😁
  4. Thanks for the reply. Could you elaborate please. What am I looking for? I’ll have to check later but I can’t remember seeing any pipes under there last time I had all that out. Here’s a photo to give you and everyone an idea of my issue.
  5. Hey everyone, I've just put the car back on the road after it being stored away over the winter. An hour into the Sunday night drive, I notice a fuel leaking coming from the rear left wheel. It is only leaking while stationary. After jacking it up, It appears to be coming from one of the three pipes located right near the tank, most likely the middle one. My idea at the moment is to remove the pipes, give them a clean and replace the current spring clips with jubilee clips. If anyone can give me any suggestions or advice, It be much appreciated.
  6. Here's mine that I fitted last week. Love the look
  7. Thanks for that! Here's what I've found: https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=13400&cat=96&sub=183&sec=403&var=26&dc=0&gen=&searchKey=&searchPart= I see why the dude didn't buy them now, I expected them to be like £20 max.
  8. Afternoon everyone, So I just picked up some mint looking brembos. Unfortunately, the pad pin kit wasn't included (I knew this, I just didn't realise how difficult it would be to grab some new ones). I can't seem to find them anywhere online either... eBay only seem to do the wrx ones, scoobyparts don't have em and few other places I've checked don't either. I did find a place over in the states, but they want $90! Can anyone help me, please? :D
  9. MOT due and I need a cat since the last owner didn't include one. If anyone could lead or sell me one then it be much appreciated - I have a Prodrive system fitted Thanks in advance
  10. Morning everyone, Currently sorting the car out for the winter (Perhaps a tad late) but I'm stumped on what coolant to use. I'm aware it needs to be a non-silicate, non-phosphate and non-amine type. A few of the old forums suggest Subaru long life, but I can't find that stuff anywhere. To be honest, I thought coolant was coolant Anyhow, if someone can help me out with a link or recommendations to some coolant that would be sold in/on Halfords, eBay, Amazon, Europarts or somewhere like that, then I'd massively appreciate it. Oh! And also, how much does it take to fill?
  11. This is interesting. I have a similar issue. Sometimes, I lose all power as the turbo spools; I get major backfire then all the boost hits at once. It's quite thrilling, to be honest, but obviously isn't normal. For some reason my car hates V-power, despite the fact it was mapped on that, it just prefers 97 Ron from Esso and only from Esso.
  12. I'm with Stuartie - make sure they have proof of the mods. I found mine on eBay, took a mate that had better knowledge than myself, so all went well. I'd have to agree with mattb too - find a standard one, ideally an STI, you won't regret it over a WRX
  13. Completly forgot to update this! Turned out just to be the bearing that needed to be replaced, took the garage two days and cost £170. I'd love to say that's all my problems sorted but once I had that fixed, my CV joint started making a racket
  14. So my driver's side driveshaft has recently started making a racket, so I am just going to replace both sides but was wondering if there are any uprated ones available? And if possible, what sort of prices would I be looking at for an OEM in comparison. eBay has a fair few on there, but most are second hand.
  15. Ah, hopefully I get lucky. It's bad timing for car to start playing up on me. Thanks for the heads up though, appreciate it! I'll give everyone an update once it's sorted, might help someone in the future