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  1. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    Thanks again for the reply gonna have a leak down test performed and will update when completed
  2. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    Thanks for the reply tidgy i 're tested them using a compression tester today with a cap of oil in each cylinder and no change (heard it was meant to increase pressure if it were rings but didn't change) the other concerning thing is it takes at atleas t 7 cranks to build 126psi
  3. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    I know this is a long shot but could valve clearance cause low compression (i know I'm probably clutching at straws)
  4. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    That's what I thought leak down test next to try and pinpoint the issue worst thing is engine has less than a 1000 miles on it
  5. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    126 across the board on cold engine how much trouble am I in
  6. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    Is that on a cold engine
  7. Going to do a compression test on my 2001 wrx tomorrow while changing the plugs what numbers should i be looking for will be doing on a cold engine which I know isn't ideal but I'm suffering with a bad back (violins playing) so will take me over an hour to strip it (no exaggeration) any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.
  8. Thefatmanwrx

    P0113 and p0102 code together what can cause this

    Hi thanks for the reply the coolant level is full , and no all the old plugs look clean and identical, I'm starting to think it's wireing to the maf it's self the signal wire is my guess i used a multi meter on the maf plug where I receive 12v from the power supply and absolutely nothing from the signal wire it's self with ignition on where as I do get 5v from the iat signal wire. should i be receiving voltage from the signal wire is my question
  9. While having a spirited drive my cars eml started to flash i pulled over read the codes it was a misfire on cylinder 1 and 3 along with the p0113 and p0102 (maf and iat code) i cleared the codes and continued. replaced all 4 plugs to clear the misfire codes, but the p0113 and p0102 code returned i swaped the maf over with a known working one and still the issue only difference now is it doesn't do it every time I drive only under hard acceleration now and again. wireng fault maybe or has anyone seen this before and knows the anwser
  10. Right where do I start, o yeah that's where I hate my car lol, jokes aside I've been chasing a bugger of a misfire and poor running for over a year I've tried coil packs, crank sensor, can shaft position sensor, new recirc bov, knock sensors, spark plugs, stripped every bit of pipeing/vacuum lines replaced with new and a front 02 sensor. so I gave up sent it to tuneing developments they diagnosed a fault with the connectors that conect the coil packs to the loom repaired them and put a cleaned up map on the car nothing for power but a nice 230bhp across the board well a week goes by and now it's acting up seems to pull power in the higher rev range (4500-6000) and the cel will flash and after a few seconds disappears doesn't do it every time but quite regularly 1 in 5 pulls id say also rev hangs a bit changing gears (think it might be a sticky throttle cable) any help would be appreciated or someone to perform an exorcism i think the cars cursed
  11. Thefatmanwrx

    Eml flashing now on solid (help)

    The codes are misfire cylinder 1,3 and 4 and maf air flow circuit low and intake air temperature circuit high input. I will go give everything a visual check when the weather dies down but from what bulldog has said it makes sense because only happens when the turbo starts sucking , the hole/leak might only appear when this happens intern sucking unwanted air into the system.
  12. Thefatmanwrx

    Eml flashing now on solid (help)

    Right i swapped the maf over and cleared the codes went for a drive and everything was fine until I decided to put my foot down eml started flashing again and the codes returned could it be a post maf leak of sum kind (friends suggestion )
  13. Thefatmanwrx

    Eml flashing now on solid (help)

    I'll borrow one from my friends car swap it over in the mourning and see if it's any different thanks for the reply
  14. So today i was doing abit of spirited driving while under boost my eml started flashing and stayed on solid and while I'm high in the rev range it seems to pull timeing or something along them lines (looses power) won t be going into boost again till it's sorted obviously. so anyway here's the codes i was greeted with p0102, p0301, p0303, p0304, p0113 there are brand new coil packs and plugs in all cylinders so confused why the misfire codes. also i cleared the codes and drove 30mile or so nothing has came back up but obviously not gone into boost but around the 3000rpm range i can tell it start to act up
  15. Wondering if anyone can help me out, I could do with a stock blow off valve (cheap as possible 😂) for my wrx, the atmospheric one that's on the car makes it's run like crap any help would be appreciated thanks in advance 👍