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  1. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    Well after a great weekend having a car weekend and mini meet, I got some pics of the fozzy. showed up an St and overall still loving and learning the sf's abilities. Loving the hill stop aswell!!!! What an awesome gizmo! 😀 Here are a few pics
  2. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    I changed the front pads and put on a new set of tyres. While I was under there I thought I'd take a few pics of the suspension etc anyone able to fill me in what suspension is on there. Is this standard Sti? They are pink/red in colour the struts and springs with subaru written on . (pic of the the front strut got corrupted 😑) I believe the anti bar is upgraded, looks heavy duty lol
  3. Owners age

    I'm 32 going on 18 always said I wouldn't mature past my shoe size lol Getting old is far to overrated lol Owning foz I do feel an old man lol
  4. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Still trying to work out the mpg on the forester. Put £25 at about 1.24 ltr bout half a tank was on the gauge and I got around 100 miles. Is this good/average? Was a spirited 100 miles though and starting up the engine etc. Also, do the S Turbo have fuel lights to say when nearly empty? I've been cautious as I didn't want to risk running out and getting crap in the pump lol
  5. Show us your engine bays

    Not the greatest pic, and needs a clean, but getting there.
  6. New member!

    Nice! Welcome :) love the howk eye shape and this one looks awesome! Many plans for it?
  7. 2002 Subaru forester S Turbo Standard apart from decat, wrx exhaust cat back, Sti top mounted intercooler and new td04 turbo. Hoping to extend that power figure a little in the future by bigger exhaust, panel filter and or bigger turbo.
  8. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    The drop links look polybushed but plastic? this normal? Lol Good call on the pads as it's due a new set of fronts. I'll pull new ones in and take a look at the rest at the same time. Any places in particular that are good for getting parts from? Cheers for the info
  9. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    Cheers 😀 Meant the short shifter looks like a ball joint type. But speaking of the ball joints themselves that I'll look at as got slight knocking at the front but only when the wheel is turned half to full lock. Do they suffer any common rack or suspension problems? Sorry to sound like a noob, know my way around cars well but this is the first scoob ive done mechanical work on and owned aha
  10. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    Think the mounts have been polybushed (again, so I'm told) really need to get it in the air so I can take a look lol It is just the throw so doesn't sound to bad then. Got a ball joint so guessing it's just a matter of popping it in and other one out? Cheers for the heads up on the filter. Save me a couple of quid :) lol Any make of turbos to avoid?
  11. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    Cheers, yeah it's a td04. I'll wait a bit if I need to upgrade the turbo as it's also running a standard intake so would be a good time to get a mushroom or cone filter on it :) (take it that would help it breath? Lol) Believe it was off the wagon as it seems pretty level, it also has a bigger whiteline anti roll bar. It has a nice bit of oversteer when you lay off the throttle into the corner, which I like. The brakes, you are right, they are 4pot fronts and 2pot rears. 😊 Just cleaned her today and love her more each time 😀 Have got a Sti short shifter to fit, apparently it's a bit of a pig to do 🤔 any tips?
  12. Newbie to the scoob world :)

    Cheers for the warm welcome all. I don't think it's lowered ( well wasn't told) just assumed with the Sti suspension it was naturally sitting lower than the normal forester what would be the normal clearance for Sti (blob eye) suspension? Anyone know what maximum power output would be on this set up? And what I'd need to get around 300bhp mark? New to boost lol I'm not to bothered as I've got a couple of bits to sort and she already puts a grin and a half on my face when I put my foot down (untill I look at petrol receipts ) lol Mods, I've got the Sti forester rear spats to go on then I'd like to find the rest of the kit and eventually I'll spray her blue (think it's called wr blue) the normal subaru blue lol Always loved the colour. Wouldn't mind Sti seats with blue centres and white dials. Other than that I think she will keep me happy for a while 😊
  13. Hi all, names Wayne and I've not long brought a Forester S Turbo....and absolutely loving it! Coming from an accord type r, I wasn't sure how I'd like it or take to the style of driving that comes with an all wheel drive. Honestly though, it's awesome! She is currently running 240bhp with 265 ftlb of torque with Sti impreza suspension and anti roll bars. Got a mix match of wheels but will be running the Sti wheels when tyres are on. 😊 she has a few other bits to go on but they are the main bits I remember aha I have brought her like this, so feel free to aid me with pros and cons of what it's got :) Here are a few pics and I hope to speak to you all and meet up at events in the near future. 😊