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  1. No, there is no cat in the headers. Only the up pipe, down pipe and then a cat pipe. Altho I think the last cat in the system is removed in a PPP system... don't quote me on that tho
  2. That's potential sign of a head gasket failure. How are the coolant levels? Any overheating?
  3. I've seen a few members use the cross climates and I've not heard 1 complaint.
  4. Have you checked for vacuum leaks?
  5. Perhaps put the coil packs back on the wrong way around?
  6. I had a slip jointed up pipe on my WRX, bought it from @savage bulldogs. Put some fresh heat wrap on it and it worked perfectly fine. Could hear it ever so slightly blowing on really cold days but stops after a minute or so.
  7. Slip joints should seal up when the exhaust is up to temperature. Was it blowing all the time?
  8. First thing I would do is check your cabin filter, if it's clogged that could be the source of your issues
  9. I'm in Crossgates, but don't have a Scoob... had to sell it a while ago 😞
  10. What kind of power are you expecting/hoping for?