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  1. Assuming the STI turbo is a TD05 should get more than 300?
  2. Shame they never brought the STI variant to the UK. https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/SUBARU/LEVORG/916020032900560845002/index.html
  3. If it has been parked up for a while it could something as simple as a brake caliper sticking. When i had a caliper sticking it felt like I had 5 folk in my car along with a boot full!
  4. I personally use Varta and I've never had issues with them
  5. I've always found euro car parts to be good, they always seem to have a sale on
  6. What colour is the smoke? I take it that the smoke is only coming out of the exhaust?
  7. No, there is no cat in the headers. Only the up pipe, down pipe and then a cat pipe. Altho I think the last cat in the system is removed in a PPP system... don't quote me on that tho
  8. That's potential sign of a head gasket failure. How are the coolant levels? Any overheating?
  9. I've seen a few members use the cross climates and I've not heard 1 complaint.
  10. Have you checked for vacuum leaks?
  11. Perhaps put the coil packs back on the wrong way around?
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