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  1. Have you checked for vacuum leaks?
  2. Perhaps put the coil packs back on the wrong way around?
  3. I had a slip jointed up pipe on my WRX, bought it from @savage bulldogs. Put some fresh heat wrap on it and it worked perfectly fine. Could hear it ever so slightly blowing on really cold days but stops after a minute or so.
  4. Slip joints should seal up when the exhaust is up to temperature. Was it blowing all the time?
  5. First thing I would do is check your cabin filter, if it's clogged that could be the source of your issues
  6. I'm in Crossgates, but don't have a Scoob... had to sell it a while ago 😞
  7. What kind of power are you expecting/hoping for?
  8. If I wasn't planning on doing an extension to my house I would be all over that bug!
  9. Can't offer any advice I'm afraid but curious as to who is doing your build?
  10. I'll just leave this here....
  11. Have you checked to make sure you don't have any boost leaks?
  12. Boost pressure isn't listed in your pic