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  1. WRX Clutch Very Low Bite

    @Matt91uk arghh drove to the office yesterday (200mi round trip) and started noticing what might be sticking? under what circumstances did yours stick?
  2. Swapped out the wheel nuts for ones gifted by @stants (many thanks). before, after (not pictured car wash). Need to get a set of security bolts now to finish the job and probably going to end up painting those calipers. Also been offered a custom plate for cost of transfer "W##ARP" so will be putting that on soon I think.
  3. WRX Clutch Very Low Bite

    The local Subaru Specialist actually was ScoobyWorld they didn't seem to concerned (the guy drove it from Leicester and back, so I imagine would of said something) and I've got somewhat used to it now having done a few trips to the South West but good to know I can have something done if it become too much of a pita.
  4. Took off the side skirts and refitted as they weren't on properly (before, after)
  5. More stuff

    Are those OEM wheel nuts up for grabs? Could do with a set as my current ones are rusted pretty good.
  6. New Here

    Just bought my first Subaru and found this forum whilst doing research for stuff that was either niggling me or I needed to know how to do it. It's a low mileage 09 wrx hatch pretty much all stock and appears to have been owned by a doctor for most of it's life. Will probably do some light modding for now focusing on tidying it up and making it a more comfortable daily (I drive a lot for work). Since picking it up on Thursday I've installed a new aerial, dust caps and map light bulbs (went for leds) as they were missing/dead. On my to do list for the near future is running some audio/phone cables for aux/charging under the trim, fitting some usb ports, sorting out the side skirt (bit lose at the back) and getting some new wheel nuts as the current ones are rusted.
  7. Hydro dipping

    Looks really nice, if it's not too rude to ask how much did it set you back and where did you get it done?
  8. WRX Clutch Very Low Bite

    Brill many thanks for the replies I doubt it's got a modified clutch the car is stock all over. The colour of the fluid is dark yellow/brown. Your right I insisted on a major service before I bought it and they've missed off brake fluid all together from the invoice all though the level is fine. I've arrange for a local subaru specialist to pick it up on Thursday to do the cambelt, so hopefully they will have an idea.
  9. So I just bought a new (to me) 2009 WRX Hatchback. Very happy with it apart from one niggling thing the clutch seems to go from engaged to disengaged within about 1 inch from the floor (and requires a hell of a lot of pressure to engage) with the rest of the travel having no pressure against my foot. I mentioned it to the dealer and they insisted this was normal and I got them to write that in an email (along with the clutch being covered under their warranty). I've driven similar cars in the past and I know they often have heavy clutches but does this sound at all normal from a Subaru? and if not any ideas of what it could be?