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  1. td_dan

    subaru hatch 2.0d breaking

    All that is sold are the wheels and passenger wing mirror so just let me know what you want Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. td_dan

    subaru hatch 2.0d breaking

    Hi. Iv got most stuff left. Ill be at my garage sunday so if you give me a list ill get photos for you Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. td_dan

    subaru hatch 2.0d breaking

    @kershaw-330s Can do the complete drivers door for £120 collected.
  4. td_dan

    subaru hatch 2.0d breaking

    hi macadder sorry for the delay mate been in hospital as had to have an op on my knee and cant drive for another 2 weeks. I will get pics as soon as i can. Your welcome to come down and take a look at anything you may be interested in. Also i wasnt sure what the wind deflectors were worth so id be happy with £20 tbh if there only £25 on ebay.
  5. td_dan

    subaru hatch 2.0d breaking

    yes the wind deflectors are for sale. - £40 ono. Ill get pics of stereo fitted the weekend. Iv reduced the price on the stereo to £100 as i couldnt remove the DAB aerial in one piece from the window but the aerial i bought is £10 from ebay and can happily supply the link.
  6. Anybody want anything 2.0d breaking. 16" P1 Prodrive alloys with pilot sport 4s - £400 4 Pot front calipers - £80 Double Din stereo with surround, mic, steering wheel controls and DAB aerial - £130 anything else just ask
  7. td_dan

    New Member From Bham

    well thought id update this as is was playing up for a while, finally found time to work on it in between my day job, customers cars on the weekends and also planning a wedding Turned out i had quite a big split in a boost pipe which was causing all the problems. So ordered a bit of silicone of ebay and fitted that along with my homemade egr blank plus a new fuel filter and oil filter with some fresh oil and that was that. Plugged everything back in as it should and Voila what a difference, pulls really well now so want to get it on a dyno to confirm the supposed 211bhp.
  8. td_dan

    114.3 widetrack coilovers

    Iv gone for springs on my hatch, got some vogtlands from demon tweeks at quite a good price (considering its demon tweeks)
  9. td_dan

    New member from Birmingham

    Welcome mate im new myself and from birmingham
  10. td_dan

    New Member From Bham

    Cheers for that. I actually unplugged the maf on the way home from work and it was 100x better so its looks as tho thats the fault. Gonna order a new one to be safe Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  11. td_dan

    New Member From Bham

    Well currently trying to get to the bottom of a fueling issue at the min. When i put my foot down in 2nd i get a lot of grey smoke all the way through into 3rd until around 3250/3500rpm. Iv cleaned the map sensors as it was clogged up, cleaned the maf sensor, cleaned the egr. Iv got a new fuel filter to fit next and gonna fully blank the egr see if this helps. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  12. td_dan

    New Member From Bham

    lol probably feels quicker than it is, Im actually going to put it on another set of rollers for my own peace of mind to hopefully get a more realistic figure
  13. td_dan

    New Member From Bham

    Hi mate its pretty decent engine tbh. Im a big diesel fan anyway and most of my cars have been diesel. Mine is currently on 145k and still running sweet. Its apparently been running the 211bhp for the last 25k miles, from what I can see its also been very looked after and serviced at Subaru over its years so im sure that has played a big part. Even though it is mapped the mpg is still pretty good and is great to drive especially when the torque throws you back lol
  14. Hi there thought id introduce myself my names Dan, im from birmingham and drive a Subaru Impreza 2.0d its supposedly mapped to 211bhp and i do have a printout but still not sure myself. Its had the DPF deleted and EGR deleted. The DPF has physically been smashed out im told but the EGR isnt physically done (yet!). Its also got a set of P1 alloys that were bought brand new from subaru some years ago along with a set of brand new 4 pot calipers. Not really got any pics but will get some soon. Thanks Dan.