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Just bought - 2007(57) Hawk Eye WRX 49k


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Hi All, 


I thought I would introduce myself. I have been in the supra world for a few years and currently run a 650bhp 6 speed Supra. 


I bought the car as I wanted a fun car to use daily as the supra is not a daily car anymore. I picked her up tonight and whilst she is great, I need more power and a little more noise. 


The car is totally standard apart from a K&N induction kit/filter (One of those plastic things).


First few questions I need to know are:


1. When does the cam belt need changing?


2. What are the recommendations for a little more noise (not lots)? 


3. More power....


In relation to more power, is there a way of remapping the ECU easily? After a little search, I have found RomRaider but not looked at in detail yet. I will do my own mapping but are there base maps available?


What boost is ok to run without a decat and with a STD exhaust?




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Hello mate welcome to S.O.C 


bit of reading here about the cambelt, look at it as a sell by date though. It doesn't mean it will self destruct but need to be changed / eaten sooner than later :) 

Nur spec exhaust my favourite but lots on the market depending on cost I guess but never forget about the 2nd hand market :D 


Power few place you can start dropping weight is always a cost effective way to get small gains, but if like me not always that easy to make the kids walk, so more in a good filter or induction kit non oiled one otherwise kill your MAF. and decat exhaust

( head back to your last question :D )  Just remember MOT garages done like Decats so make sure you are friends with a garage or can replace one for the mot ;) 


Then fuel pumps injectors turbo. I guess be easier to ask how far did you want to go with it :D 

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