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  1. Well finally sorted it with cable ties..been out today for abou 50miles and all seems well.What i dont understand is why dont subaru make some better plugs that you can buy?Oh well sorted now..Thanks stuartie and savage for your advice
  2. Cheers clive...Yep its exactly what you said,its the tabs on the plugs...the uprated or better quality are from the usa but out of stock at the minute,so my mechanic is going to come round and do a redneck job in the next couple of days..Pins are fine no corrosion..I'll let you know what happens..Im not to far from you..Thanks for the offer
  3. Im afraid it wasnt mate,wires are all fine,its the plug(connectors)there not sitting properly on the coil pack,and the stupid clip bit is crap to put it bluntly..Have found uprated new plugs etc in usa,but can i get anything better or same in uk?Other than that any sugguestions???Cheers
  4. Finally got to the bottom of it,it was a broken wire in the loom,so my service guy at work is going to do it and some new conduit...So simple ,typical...Roll on tomorrow evening,so i can finally unleash the power and burble! And stuartie,followed your recommendation on the code reader,thanks mate
  5. Hi mate,sorry i meant spark plugs are all good.. I do still think it may be a coilpack plug issue,because when i wiggle one of them(not the actual plug)the wire joining the loom the engine sounds normal and there was no shaking of the engine,but i had a look at the wires and they look good to me,but im far from an expert..Just off topic mate,sorry to hear about you shunt,glad you got it all sorted and you and you kids are ok..
  6. Cheers for that stu,for abs faults and so on i'd just get the guys at work to do it,i just need a basic one like you've mentioned.Any idea what brand the basic one is that you use?theres so bloomin many..Thanks again
  7. I did have a cheap code reader,but its given up the ghost,so im waiting for one of our service guys to turn up with his one..Just a quick question,any recommendations for a half decent code reader?Thanks
  8. Well, i fitted the new coil,took it for a drive,everything was well and good,then eml came back on and missing again....Arhh.Any more advice appreciated...plugs are all good..
  9. Hi savage,thats exactly what i did,swopped them over,dont know why i didnt do that in the first place! Ordered another from ICP,so touch wood it'll fix it.
  10. No worries stu,with my other car a vw,needed a maf sensor,had 3 different ones,all blew as such,then bought a genuine one,still going strong,or perhaps im just tight!!
  11. Cheers for that mate,didnt mean it to come across like that,that all parts from ebay are crap,the last lot of things i bought quite cheap,were a waste of money,so just a bit weary...Thanks