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Decat...Will I get CEL?

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ok, so I have fitted the Ninja II back box but on my hawkeye its so quiet, better than stock but still pretty quiet.


been to see a guy which makes longlife exhausts and he has offered me straight pipe with o2 sensor in from the downpipe to my backbox for £180


or turbo back for £280


But I am usure if either of these will give me CEL?


the plan is to get it mapped in the future but as I was unable to find out about timing belt I will be doing that and a full service which would of been spent on a remap, so want it as hassle free atm. 



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I removed the up-pipe and centre section cats on my 2003 WRX and no CELS. As soon as I got a Sports cat downpipe I got a CEL within 50 miles, I could clear the emissions related code with a phone app but as soon as I drove it steady on the motorway the sports cat would get cold and throw the CEL again. 


I expect a full decat on a Newage will throw a CEL more often. An unmapped decat on an Hawk is pretty risky, especially if you are using 95 or 97 fuel. 


I'd like to know how a mapper deals with the 02 Sensor to stop the CEL's.

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