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Hey Guys,


new to the forum and currently have a Subaru Forester Sf5 - 2002


i have noticed that i seem to have lost all illumination in the clocks and dials (APART from the Odometer, outside temp, Clock & also the Auto window button) - these all still light up green - yet my speedo, rev counter, heater controls have gone out.


i have checked all fuses and none have blown, i have no loose wires behind the clocks as checked this afternoon.



but when its night time.. i cannot see my speed, revs, heater controls and fumbling around in the dark and even worse when you are coming up to a speed camera - i cannot tell my speed!!


Any Help is greatly appreciated but scratching my head.. cannot think for the love of life what might be causing this as all other illumniation, lights and such are working? :(


Thanks Guys

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