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EJ20g coolant pressurising and overflowing overflow tank


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Hi all, I noticed a few weeks ago that the rubber seals on my rad cap were perished, so i got another 0.9bar cap and it all seemed cool, then had the cambelt done at a local (good) garage, belt, all tensionere, idlers, water pump and thermostat were replaced. iwanted to do it myself but work interfered. When I picked it up it was sweet, I drove it for a few days and noticed it was misfiring, so swapped the plugs in vain, it carried on missing after running for about ten mins, and after inspecting the old plugs i noticed that one was oily, almost wet, so after some research I presumed it was head gasket failiure and ordered all the gaskets from Importcars.co.uk (recommended by Stants) The guy is really helpful and knows his stuff, I got my genuine bits cheaper than anywhere else I could find and would thouroughly recommend this firm. So I pulled the engine, and the one cylinder with the fouled plug was shiny clean. We inspected the old gasket and thought we saw where it had blown, cleaned everything up and put the new 1.6mm uprated genuine gaskets on, new o rings in the water transfer pipe, new inlet and exhaust etc, then filled it with coolant, this takes ages, pouring, squeezing pipes, gently running the car to try to purge the air, left it overnight, came back, squeezed, poured etc until i was happy that there was no air, then ran it up to temp and let the fan cut in, but soon after the fan cut in the OVERFLOW tank was filled fast from the rad outlet and poured out of the OVERFLOW onto the cam case. I have tried bleeding the coolant system again but it keeepsdoing this overflow thing. I know I shoukd have got the heads pressure tested but I had to be back at work. I know thats stupid but I am stupid sometimes. Has anyone had this pressure problem and do you know what causes it? Cheers all, Will.

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