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Replacing headlight bulbs 03 outback


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My nearside dipped beam decided to  expire yesterday so after trying to source a replacement, and 


staring in disbelief ay what a local retailer wanted for one bulb,  £30! ,went home and looked online in 




Initial thoughts wernt good, with access on the nearside being restriced by the Battery & washer bottle


filler  On the offside was the snorkel thingy, so that looked daunting...


Anyway bulbs first....


dont know wether i can promote them,  but ECP ;)  are running an online offer  on bulbs


I picked up a H7 477 osram nightbreaker unlimited for £17.99  . bargain i though, so i ordered 2


Went to pick them up tonight, and the assistant brought out one box and went to get the other ...


Close inspection saw that each box had 2 bulbs in it not 1


So i only needed one box   at £17.99   :) smiles all round


Antyway back to the job in hand.


Checked the web, and results varied from headlights out, to remove inner skins of the wheel arch liners ...   eeek


Anyway, i popped the bonnet and had a look... 


Nearside...  yes  access tight.  I could remove  the Battery, but still the washerbottle neck is in the way...


So then i thought, what if i can move the washerbottle filler ...


One clip/screw later the bottle was pulled to oneside allowing access to the bulb cover..


Once that was removed it was a simple matter of unplugging the blown bulb...


As access is still tight, and not wanting to touch the bulb, i found the easiest way to do everything is to


pop the bulb into the lamp unit and refit the spring clip assembly... then its just a pushfit on the power connector


Replace the cover,  move the wsher bottle filler neck back, and refit the screw  job done



The offside was broadly speaking the same...


The Snorkel is held on by 2 screw clips, once removed the snorkel just pulls out of the airbox


once that is removed, you have easy access to the bulb cover,  remove an replce the bulb as per before


Refit the snorkel, making sure is located into the airbox, and refit the screws,clips


Thats it :)


Took me about 30 mins all in


Mart :D

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Yes, looks daunting but in reality, only needs a couple of plastic clips undoing to move a couple of ancillary parts aside and bobs yer uncle [emoji106]

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