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Help !!

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Hi all thd management light came on on my hawkeye impreza luckily i was working to day so plugged it in to diagnostic computer and it can up with p2432 but due to working for citroen the computer isnt the best on jap is there any possibility anyone could help

Like i say i work for citroen and only have experience on french crap haha

Thanks in advance

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Hello code reads as,

P2432 secondary air injection system air flow/pressure sensor circuit low bank1

You'll have to Google the cause as it could be one of a few things, I think it's to do with cold start conditions, does she have a bit of trouble in the morning ? best off clearing the code and keeping an eye on it

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Thank no not had any problems starting it. It does feel a bit flat since i cleared the code work mate thinks it could be the air filter oil could be all over the air flow sensor but iv not oiled the filter so not sure

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