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Blobeye post cat centre pipe?

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Hi all, I've a 2005 blobeye wrx with PPP. It has the back box and decat pipe as per the pack.

What I'd like to know is can you get a straight through exhaust just for the resonated centre pipe to the back box or will I need to buy a full length decat pipe.

Also any links/part numbers or recommendations would great. Cheers :)

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I think its just gonna be a full decat but if you chopped your resonator off and got to clamps either end on bolted it up to your decat pipe your sorted.Everyone slates these parts because its not a Harvey and scott pipe and its gonna leak and fall off a car and so on.Ive got a full decat fitted and it looks the same as when I bought it and does the business ;)




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That might just do stants, thanks. Might just go full cat back as I've read some reviews of the toyosports cat back system and it seems ok for the money and it's similarly priced as that centre pipe you linked.


Not 100% sure if it will bolt straight onto the cat pipe as it's described as a 3" system where standard is 2.5" I believe. I've had a good nose at my exhaust and it's had the second post turbo cat removed as per the PPP.

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Do you have a second pipe where the 2nd cat is if non ppp or does the downpipe go all rge way to the mid section ? Think a member on here (ash) has had one of those maybe with starting a new post see what kind of feedback people have had.

Sent from my SM-G850F

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I've a straight bit of stainless pipe (in cat converter heat shields) after the first cat after the turbo. Then to a standard resonated centre section which is bolted to the prodrive rear box.

Hope that makes sense. :S

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