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Forester 2.0 XT auto. Radiator change help needed.


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Hi guys, not sure if I'm worrying unnecessarily but I've just started stripping my forester down ready to put a new rad in, so far I have done

Drained coolant

undone all brackets

removed fans

And now the bit I'm unsure off, I have disconnected the two small pipes at the bottom of the rad which I think are transmission coolant hoses and there appears to be oil coming out, I pushed the hose back on until I get some advice, I obviously need to remove these pipes but what is draining out and is there some thing that will need topping up other than coolant?? Advice very much appreciated.

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My wife alway takes the mickey saying " it's only 4 bolts and 20 minutes" normally something goes wrong and it take hours and hours. Will nip to local motor factors first thing to get some jubilee clips then cracking on with it. Hope it goes back together quicker than it took to take it apart.

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