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Idiots Guide: 2008- STi RED start button fitting swap over


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I've imported the RED STi push button start from Japanparts.com (extra cost was the usual Import Duty + Post Office Handling Fee)


It's a straight swap over to the Black Start Button that comes on the STi 330s Hatch and 2011- cars (Keyless entry)


Dead easy to do....

Pop out that area of trim, I used a plastic squeegee (that you use to apply vinyl stickers etc) down the side to pop it out.



unplug the connector at the bottom to give you a bit of room to handle the trim.



Ease out the Black push button out by releasing the side clips and the connector plug (also has a fixing clip that will need to be undone)



take it all out




Pop the new one in and push it all the way so it clips back in place



Connect the plug up and the back to it and the bottom white plug that works the electric mirrors. the STi logo will now light up.



Carefully push the trim back in place



Put your foot on the clutch and see the the GREEN start light lite up :)




You can now start your engine.






So that's it. I've modded my car... with another bit of expensive plastic :lol: all show and no go for the Garage Racer. I do think it weighs less than the black on though.

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