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  1. Selling my 2008 STI type UK Hatch PPP 330bhp (it’s not a 330s) 69.5k miles. It’s got a few dings and scrapes on it (front ns wing, front os wing, rear ns passenger door and wheel arch and the rear ns corner of the bumper) so I’m not expecting top money for it. It’s essentially stock, except for a pioneer sat nav reverse cam (can supply original radio unit), kart boy short shift and a Cosworth panel filter. It’s got a full up to date service history. Cam belt was changed at 44.5k miles. Mot till November 2019. £7500 ono Based near Heathrow
  2. Far too many to list of top of my head but for now here goes....... Star Wars 4-6 Princess Bride Guardians Of the Galaxy Animal House Appocolypse Now American Graffiti Blues Brothers
  3. 2nd set of Vredstien for me at the mo, I've ran Toyo in the past and they always seemed a bit on the soft side and wore out alot quicker. Also ran Yoko parada's which were prob my fav's overall. good source of info is it reviews left by owners specific to car Marque/ brand of tyre etc.
  4. I just left STI on mine, then added a couple of my own :)
  5. Manual PDF
  6. I guess Subaru must have sold all the tooling and presses to them for the old forrester, Daewoo bought all the old tooling and presses for the astra from Opal years ago and sold the Daewoo Lanos via Halfords LOL!
  7. Pretty much the core of Surrey Scoobies owners club have all had their cars insured by Gary for many years and I've never heard a bad thing about them as a broker apart from the difficulty in getting hold of Gary. I have been with them for over 12 years, never ever had an issues with claims as they are a broker and you call the actual insurance provider to make the claim, they do everything by post so you have paper copies of documents and such. if you do go with Keith micheals make sure you check who the provider is and don't have a policy from Market Study as they have kicked and screamed over claims from a few people I know.
  8. For Steering wheel controls you could try contacting i got one for my 08 Sti from there and altough they don't currently list it on the site they maybe able to point you in the right direction.
  9. No go on the WRX pump fitting my car 😞 Good luck with the sale
  10. Pencil me in for the power steering pump, just need to confirm it will fit the STI.
  11. Surrey Scoobies meet every 2nd Sunday of the month near Sandown Race course, bit of a trek from St Reatham though.
  12. lol wonder who gets the reference 😃 Can anyone tell me which years power steering pump are compatible with a 2008 Sti hatchback? I tightened the belt too much and now the bearing is starting to grumble so thinking a replacement may be in order and 2008 cars are few and far between with breakers so hoping an earlier model power steering pump will bolt straight on. My other option is to get the existing one to be reconditioned but can't really have the car off the road for a week whilst it's sent away for to be worked on. cheers Prince Adam aka Scooby Pete 😉
  13. I've also heard that the Hid put out alot more heat, I would think high temp paint. Slightly diff route, always fancied a set of these
  14. How about the Downpipe? I had mine wrapped and I also had a trubo Blanket (have to remove tin heat shields though), both help reduce heat soak.