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Lincolnshire Meetup 27th January Blacksmiths Arms

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Blacksmith's Arms Hillrise Rothwell

Tuesday Blacksmith's Arms Hillrise Rothwell

Tuesday 27th January 6pm-9pm 2014



Google Map




Well hope everyone has had a great new year. So lets start 2015 of with a local meet up ;) it will be on the above time and date at the Blacksmith arms as normal weather permitting. As Rothwell is in a valley some nice hills in and out of it so we will see if we get thick snow preventing us, but all being well I'll see you there. 


Meeting Rules
1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting.
2. No leaving litter.
3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour.
4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.



And as always a big THANK YOU to the owner's/management and staff at the Blacksmith's Arms. 





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:( oh ok. Not a problem be a monthly thing again anyway depending on weather it's 45 minutes from me so not to bad but I always make sure I finish early on meet days :) I did try get Sundays but getting a Sunday is near on impossible with lunch trade :( 

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No worries mate think Dan will be there with his really sexy RB320 but if you come don't tell him I said so he will get a big head ;) that tunned Blobeye will be there a guy who has more cars and bit's for car's than I care to think has a silver classic and a showpiece red classic but thats having an engine rebuild. both the cars in the garage should be there, should be a few of us. Might be a spec d comes from Wrawby he's on here I just can't remember his name :( 

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I think I know he sold all his bit's I have his rear bumper on my bugeye :(  And was thinking about the front bumper with spats he had for the blobeye but he had sold everything when I had asked 

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Best way to get to it would be come off the m180 at Barnetby a18 past Humberside airport. Following the road to Caistor least that way avoid the !Removed! a180. I'm thinking about getting to Sheffield one see if can get a few of the locals from here to have a trog out to martin's when it warms up.

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