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Carbon Fibre laquer


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Hi all
My 96 impreza wrx sti had a carbon fibre hood fitted by a previous owner. Now it seems as though the lacquer coating is blistering and peeling off. Does carbon fibre need a lacquer coating? How can I get it re-lacquered? I live in a very hot and sunny climate? perhaps some clear spray paint will do the trick?

any help would be appreciated and i've attached a photo so you can see he damage.


p.s ignore the L plates my girlfriend was driving that day.


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it happens really easy on carbon mate, i got carbon on my scoob and it lifts really easy! had a carbon bonnet on my old vectra did that ! 


Only real way doing it is rub it down and relaquer wtihout damaging the weave 

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right I have another small problem.
I live on a tiny island called St. Helena. Its's a UK overseas territory but the few shops that are here don't import any good lacquer (certainly nothing that I could use when guitar building)  so would clear spray paint do the trick? or will I have to import something?

i really would prefer to do a job that would last....

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