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    looks a bit rough around the edges like the splitter is broken and he posted yesterday saying it ran out of fuel ..... and he only purchased it yesterday
  2. if your not in a rush i would leave it , then advertise it at 3.... though at 3 i would prob say its too much still but you never know. just gotta find that buyer
  3. quit


    subaru parts and cars uk
  4. What the !Removed! what the **** is going on here mush
  5. I can't help the !Removed! delivery service can I !!! !Removed! it I said I would send you a refund so stop being a !Removed! ****
  6. My mate is massive Into it , till he is forced to go outside at the pub lol
  7. Found the first owner ! Ive decided to stick kinda oem with this one , tho the exhaust is just too boring I got a sti intercooler and a 2.5" system off a mate for 100 quid that's going on just looking for suspension
  8. lol was a cheap hawk wagon somewhere was about 3k !
  9. Just don't buy a na or I will have to un-friend you bug wrx are cheap
  10. It's only money ! Doesn't make you happy Gin and wan king does tho
  11. **** not good dude still got the Mrs blob tho ?
  12. Also when men wore trousers and skinny jeans were for teenage girls
  13. No that's Londonshire round ere it's farmer country ....... so it's cow tipping at dawn
  14. Two types of cover ! What year you got ?
  15. I'm off for a poo we we have our toilets inside down here ! Bet that's blown your minds
  16. A cob has sweet corn on it
  17. God sake northern folk I'm off for a bacon roll
  18. Went my local few months ago guy come in ordered a fruit based alco pop thing koopaberger whatever fairy crap and a coffee landlord said it's a pub not a cafe
  19. Move out this way then , we had a dark skin gentleman move to the village and it was a local mystery for about 3 weeks ,
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