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How to main a SORN (Parked up) Car?


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Hello all 


Long story short my car is SORN until late April, Stuck on my drive not doing a whole lot.


what do I need to do to ensure that the car is maintained and is not going to suffer from not being driven for 3 months? 


Any advice would be great.


Also when I get it back on the road I will take it for a full service along with a cam belt kit change.


Kind regards



Car is a 2003 Impreza (if that changes anything)

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Get a trickle charger, cetek ones are brilliant, waterproof and will charge and cycle the Battery for you so it's always in optimal condition, you can get fly away leads you leave it connected to the Battery and it plugs in usb style, can leave the bonnet closed and alarm on too.

Pump up tyres a little more, say 35psi all round, even better get it up on axel stands if you can,

Buy a decent breathable all weather cover and make sure it's tied down properly crack a couple of windows let air circulate and buy some moisture absorbers (silica gell) put them in boot under seats etc.

Be wise to check for mice/animals once in a while too, sounds daft but it happens

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Axel stands and take the handbrake off but leave it in gear, this stops the Brakes rusting on.
make sure once a week the car is turned on and turn the sidelights on once the engines running, this causes the engine to put more juice into the Battery.

if longer than 3 months change the fuel as it does go off.

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Easiest way, is dont leave too much in, and before you come to run it again get £5 worth of V power and chuck it in, as fuel does go off, it does take longer than 3 months for this to happen but i always do it this way and never had any issues.

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