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Fun in the snow


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as title says


what's your experience's been in the snow and winter months with you xv's  ??

good, bad, fun

how did you find the stock tyres? or has anyone got different tyres on?

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Hi Dug, despite the lack of snow we suffered in this strange winter (Italy - alpine area) up to early January, in the last month I had the opportunity to drive on snow both off road (nothing that extreme though... :)) and on (before the plow cleaned it).

I recently changed the tyres from Yokohama Geolandar M+S (mounted from the factory) to Yokohama W.drive 905. I noticed an improvement driving on snow (up to 15" deep), mainly in sharp turns, but, in any case, the Geolandar had satisfied me in the two last years use probably due to the AWD help... ;)

In the end, the XV seems to be very steady and reliable...

What about you?

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Hi Gigi



although we didn't get loads of snow here we did have a couple of days were I got to try out the car in snow but only a few inches

the car on the  Geolandar factory tyre seemed to cope ok, felt stable when driving and didn't get stuck anywhere

I did find the car to slide when breaking though guess this is because there not proper winter tyres



for me they are ok but when they are done I might look at different tyre options



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