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  1. Dogconker

    Sad times - bye bye XV

    Well after 4.5 years I have come to the tough decision to part with the XV and buy something far less fun. I only do about 150-200 miles a week at the minute so so I don’t need such a big car for driving to and from work and we’re looking for something that is much more for towing and an automatic. the XV pulls fine but could really do with a heavier car, plus autos ard a doddle to tow with. As such it looks like in the next few weeks I’ll be reluctantly selling the old girl for a pick-up or something, wife will still be keeping hers. If anyone is looking for an XV with FSH etc that has been well looked after 😉
  2. Dogconker

    Rear wheel bearings word of warning

    My bearing is just starting to rumble and I have just hit 70k
  3. Dogconker

    Tyre pressure sensor reset

    Anyone know how to reset them?
  4. Dogconker


    Hi, Someone posted about PIAA Wipers, the ones thar coated the windscreen in the past, think it was on here. Could you let me know where you got them from that was cheap, looking to but some TIA DC
  5. Dogconker

    Driver’s seat damage

    This is correct you get up to 6 yrs under the sale if goods act regardless of warranty, not sure about cars though as they sit differently in the Act
  6. Dogconker

    XV Remap advice anyone?

    Thanks for this, I’’m after a totque remap over performance, mine pulls like train anyway, but the extra torque when towing would be handy. My diesel drives more like a petrol (apart from the low end torque) in that it’ll pull fairly consistently between 1600 and 4500 rpm. I always let it warm up fully before getting the turbo fired up, I have a 2014 Euro 5 engine in mine, the only issue I’ve had with it was the injectors which it’s going back in for again on Thursday for yet another relearn on the injectors and fuel pump., apparently it’s having 5-6 relearns according to subaru this will resolve the injector issue. incidentally when I asked for dos amd don’ts I actually meant in relation to remaps.
  7. Dogconker

    Driver’s seat damage

    If it’s over 3 yrs probably not covered, subaru 5yr warranty is 3yrs nose to tail and an additional 2yrs drivetrain warranty. Certainly give it a try though as if they’ve had problems they do address warranty claims outside the warranty, I had a new door lock mech about 6 months outside of warranty as a goid faith repair because they knew if an issue good luck
  8. So I have a 2013 Subaru XV 2.0D SE (Euro 5 Diesel), the car is approaching the end of it’s 5yr warranty and rather than change car I’m looking at a remap to boost the torque mainly, fuel economy isn’t a big deal as I only do about 6k a year. I’m looking for any advice, recommendations, do’s and don’ts, things to look out for, insurance problems, how to get around your annual servive including a firmware update, that sort of thing. Any advice welcome Thanks DC
  9. Dogconker

    XV Remap advice anyone?

    Hi, so my manufacturers warranty runs out at the end of the year, and I am considering a remap for towing etc to unleash a few more of the restrained horses that all UK cars have. I currently have an XV 2.0D SE (Euro 5 diesel) which has been fully maintained by local dealer. I’m looking for do’s and don’ts, best places, things to look out for etc, any advice welcome. thanks DC
  10. Dogconker

    XV Birthday Cake

    Yeah that’s Herbie, he’s one of those naturally cute dogs!!
  11. Dogconker

    XV Birthday Cake

    Not going to lie, I am seriously impressed with how much it looks like an XV
  12. Dogconker

    XV Birthday Cake

    So, it’s my wife’s birthday next week, we’re going away in the caravan and meeting friends there, she doesn’t know this yet. but my real reason for my post is the cake I had made by TLC Cake Design. Looks pretty good did it from a photo, will be a shame to cut into it
  13. Dogconker

    Ceramic Paint Treatment - Test

    Ok, so it has been almost 2 months since I treated my car with a ceramic coating, the car was filthy, covered in fine dust and sandy water marks, mud and bug splats. So first thing I did was test the hydrophobic effect of the Hydrosilex coating, as video below, actually quite surprised at the result considering the paint felt like sandpaper. Water did repel off the paintwork and left the surface dry with a few beads. so then to cleaning the car, the guide says just pressure wash off, no need to clean with soap, dry with a good quality drying cloth (I used a meguair’s one) then lightly buff with a good quality microfibre towel. So how did that go? Well me and the wife hoovered and cleaned the inside of both XVs, washed the outside, quick spray of detailing spray to remove some stubborn braie dust and bug splats, though still much easier than normal. End result was 2 cars that look like they had had 2-3 hours work each on them, look freshly waxed, actually very impressed as we did both cars including the insides in 1hr 10mins. what you can’t see is that the paint feels as smooth as glass, I would have had to clay the whole car to get it that smooth normally And the cars look freshly waxed, even though all I have done is pressure wash, dry and buff (and a little detailing spray for the stubborn bits). it even works on the plastics, glass and matt finishes, even my windscreen app s hydrophobic now! So my summary review? This stuff really works, and I mean really, really works, it’s really easy to put on, once you’ve removed all the old wax and swirl marks, makes the car really easy to clean to a showroom finish without any effort and very little time. One thing I would say is use the dry application method, as tempting as it is to do the quick fix, all the detailers say you get a better finish with a dry application. You can buy it from costs about £36 for a mid sized bottle of which we used about 2 thirds to do both cars. I am seriously impressed with this stuff!
  14. Dogconker

    What did you do to your XV today???

    I’m not sure I’d go with the orange, i reckon black or clear might be more my taste. You might be best bonding it rather than riveting, as you say rivets creat a lot of stress on the plastic. have you been out with them fitted becayse I have a sneaky suspicion that they will howl like a banshee 😂 you’ll have to let us know how you get on.
  15. Dogconker

    What did you do to your XV today???

    I quite like the more aggressive look it gives the car to be fair. I bought mine with the car so it was a dealer install, cost me £80 + vat to supply and fit which wasn’t bad. Looks even better if you dechome it 😉