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  1. Not necessarily, I complained that we had had 3 cars and all had had the same problem, same with the door central locking (also a known problem) both were fixed out of warranty “as a gesture of good will”.
  2. Sorry not been on much but not sure if this is still ongoing, it’s a known problem with condensers on XVs, every XV we have had has had to have a new condenser after 2-3 yrs under warranty.
  3. Hi, to all the XV guys out there, I sold my XV a while ago and now have a dog crate made by Lintran who are one of the best dog crate manufacturers in the UK. it fills the boot if the XV, has a mesh top so you can see out of the rear window and see your dog, has large double lockable doors to access and has an additional security feature in that it has an inboard escape hatch which allows you to extract the dog from the rear seats in the event of a rear end shunt meaning you can’t open the boot. The crate is half fibreglass (lower half) and half square mesh. big enough to hold 2 span
  4. I’ve done the same thing with my replacement vehicle using plasti-dip. I bought a Ssangyong pickup just to tow the caravan about as the XV wasn’t really up to it due to the dual mass flywheel but the Ssangyong had chrome everywhere. not any more, took me about 3 hours to do all the badges and logos, side strips and grille etc. I swear by Plasti-dip
  5. Halfords plastidip is rubbish, the proper stuff is much better and hardly any more expensive, had it on my XV for about 3yrs I r something I did nine with proper Plasti-Dip, followed the instructions on Dip-my-car on Youtube with Fonzy (honestly not even joking, the guy is called fonzy), didn’t even have to remove anything from the car, all sprayed in situ. i preferred this way because it looks like the surrounding plastic, like you bought a different grille, plus the rear badges are a piece of cake using plasidip
  6. Nice, have you seen the chrome delete posts at the beginning of this page. There is some goid stuff there how to do it, me and a couple of others have done it, I don’t have my subaru now but it looked quite aggressive with no chrome. there is also info on changing badge colour too, I changed mine to white
  7. Not sure at the minute, if you buy new We’ve generally had a 4 week delivery time. unfortunately my review is for the Euro5 Diesel version. I have driven a petrol version and it didn’t have the same sporty feel as the diesel, even the Euro6 diesel was pretty lacklustre to drive compared with the Euro5 though quite a bit better on fuel. Subaru don’t make diesel versions now though and I think all new petrol ones are CVT. but they are a good car, I sadly had to let mine go after 5 yrs as I needed a workhorse for towing so bought a Ssangyong Pickup which is purely for pulling a caravan
  8. Generally exhausts on diesels particulary those to make them more sporty sound awful just because they have a rough sound to them, they tend to sound like there is something wrong with the car rather than improve the sound. My mate did this to a diesel mondeo and it just sounded like it was knackered rather than tuned, he also noticed no difference in performance. You’d have to remap it to get anything useful out of it. Diesels aren’t really suited for tuning.
  9. I had mine for 5 years and even in -10C nothing ever froze up. Sounds like water is getting into the mechanism somehow
  10. Sorry you’ve moved on, didn’t fancy a Levorg then?
  11. I’ll linger, I’m like that wine stain you can’t get out if your carpet that you put the pot plant over
  12. Thanks, I’ll still be knocking around from time to time as my wife still has an XV
  13. The new musso uses their own engine and an Aisin 6 speed auto, the mercedes transmission and engine apparently was crap. It’s a 2.2TD 180hp and 400Nm which is why I wanted it for towing I wemt from the shortest in my class at 9yrs old to the tallest in the school at 6’3” by age 11. I went through clothes like hot dinners, my brothers never got to wear them because they didn’t reach 6’ until they were in their teens.
  14. Not wrong I have size 12 feet!! But thanks
  15. Bought a Ssangyong pickup to tow the caravan and carry our kit, didn’t need anything fancy but it cost around £15,000 less than an equivalent mitsi or ford pickup and then I got £4k off list so saved almost £20k on an equivalent well known branded pickup. It’s built for towing so is ideal for my needs plus a 7yr nose to tail warranty.
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