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  1. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    Yeah, they pretty much never fail, I had an injector relearn in October but that didn’t fix it, they think its the fuel pump as apparently that has AI too?
  2. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    So subaru are saying that they’ve only replaced 1 injector in the last few years so it’s extremely unlikely that it is an injector failure, becausexof the video I took they agree however there is a knock so They have instructed the dealer to carry out a full install and relearn on both the injectors and the fuel pump, subaru susoect it could be the software that manages the fuel pump. I get the car back tomorrow so hopefully I’ll find out.
  3. Dogconker

    Intermittant Steering warning light issue

    No, I’ve never heard of the steering light coming on.
  4. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    Took me about an hour or so to do mine, most of the time was waiting for the previous coat to dry. There’s hardly any masking to be done other than the masking the grille to stop it hitting the radiator.
  5. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    Plastidip!! perfect finish, it isn’t permanent, it just peals off if you don’t like it, you can even do it with the parts on the car.
  6. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    I’m loathed to get rid of my Diesel XV, 0-60 in 9 sec, handles really well and happily pulls a ton and a half of caravan up a hill. the only thing I have never liked is Subaru feel the need to stick chrome bits on it, but I soon sorted that out!
  7. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    Well this subaru dealer is also an MG dealer so you get these crappy cars as courtesy cars. It feels like I’m sitting on it rather than in it! Hoping to today what Subaru intend to do with the car
  8. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    Honestly I hate this MG almost as much as I hate the Nissan Puke.
  9. Dogconker

    Slight knock under light load

    So I dropped mine off at the dealers the other day, picked up a courtesy car, I say car depends if you can call an MG2 a car, I used to pedal bigger and more powerful cars around the garden as a child. Dreadful car, makes me realise why I have the XV. Literally no power and the noise on the motorway is unreal. Anyway the dealer is looking at the injectors, the plan is to get Subaru to authorise the replacement of all the injectors as that’s possibly cheaper than trying to work out which injector has is failing. At least the warranty does state injectors are included within the drive train so it’s not going to cost me anything. They believe the noise in the video is diesel knock caused by a failing sensor, only really does it bad when the weather is cold so glad I got this video as evidence. This has gone to Subaru Technical and I’m now waiting to hear back what they intend to do about it.
  10. Dogconker

    What did you do to your XV today???

    Don’t tell anyone I told you. 😉
  11. Dogconker

    Windscreen replacement - alarm issues

    They are useless, we’ve had nothing but trouble with them. Wrong windscreens, putting the wrong pad, breaking the sensor, causing the sensor computer to through a wobbly, ended up going to a subaru main dealer who had to buy a specialist cabe to reset the computer and calibrate the sensor and get a subaru tech out from London and no time idea how much that cost ? just had 2 failed attempts to replace our windscreen and finally got it done on Monday, now got to sort out compensation for me wasting 2 morninfs waiting in for them.
  12. Dogconker

    What did you do to your XV today???

    Not good, you could actually bill them for a car wash, I was an engineer on highways for years and we were always getting claims for car washes
  13. Dogconker

    What did you do to your XV today???

    Them using a diamond cutter shouldn’t cover yiur car in dust as bu lw t should use dust suppression. but it’s always satisfying when you get a car clayed and proper shiny
  14. Dogconker

    New XV on order

    Yes and because mine is a filthy, dirty Euro5 diesel its got much more torque than my wife’s Euro6 which is why I’ve kept it. Pulls great, 60mph in 6th gear it pull even with a caravan on the back, which is a bit worrying. Got an injection going wrong at the minute but it still pulls well. I’m pretty sure all the new XV are petrol now which is why they don’t have the pull.