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Coolant Temperature Sensor Problem! '99 Subaru Forester 2.0 S Turbo. Petrol/LPG.


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I own a 1999 Subaru Forester 2.0 S turbo - Petrol / LPG. The Coolant Temperature Sensor died several months ago. As a result, from a cold start the engine won't maintain tick-over; it stalls.  This occurs whether the car is stationary or in motion. To be specific, the engine can stall when I slow down to turn a corner, at traffic lights, etc.

A mechanic I've used for several years now ( a real petrol-head) has tried to identify the Coolant Temperature Sensor, but hasn't had any joy so far.  Because he hasn't worked on many Subaru's, he recommended I come on here and ask you guys for help... He suggested I ask, "Where is the Coolant Sensor for the Engine Management Centre located?  Is it underneath the Alternator?  If it is, then he has located the right one.  

N.B. The sensor is a 3-PIN not a 2-PIN.  Whilst he had the sensor out I made a note of the markings on the sensor: GMA AA16 NTCL.  There are no other markings on the sensor.  I will attach some photos of the sensor and my Subaru.


I have contacted Hants Auto Fuels Limited (Unit 5/6 Hammond Industrial Park, Stubbington Lane, Fareham, Hants.) who installed the BRC LPG system in 2005.  To cut a long story short, they said the BRC LPG system can only be worked on / serviced by an licenced BRC LPG engineer.  And I would have to take the Subaru into one of their authorised garages / units to investigate which sensor it is and how the system is set up, etc... I related this to my mechanic and he reckons this is B.S.!


(According to the LPG Installation Certificate the equipment was supplied Alternatech.  The Regulator Make is a Prins VSi.  Make of LPG Tank is a Stako and is a 55LR Totoidal situated in the spare wheel well located under the boot.)


Can anyone offer any help, suggestions, advice or information, please?


Many thanks in advance.






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That indeed the ECU coolant sensor

ICP do them & quite a few other sources too:

* worth checking with them to confirm part via reg-chissis-engine number prior to buying *





Ideally want test sensor impedance over varying temp & see if it seems working/in parameters.

Does plug-cable seem good. Bit of testing here good although sensor not over expensive if want chance it.

Plenty of other things it could be & plugging in  some diagnostics would be good to read faults & see what tenp signal the ECU getting if not flagging it faulty.

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