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What's This and why doesn't my engine have one?


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I am hoping that the circled air intake thing is not put on all cars as mine doesn't have one... 


I have a 2003 impreza Blob 2.0, with an engine bay like so....



should i be worried it doesn't have this thing? (It has got a high flow panel air filter and ninja back box but no other mods I am aware of that effect air... bits



Please help ease my mind and educate me :) 

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That's it. There's a possibility it was removed for a cone filter and never put back or just lost.


Just to confirm, is there a hole in your wing for it?

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Thanks man, and in my "book of everything done to my car ever" it's not mentioned, maybe just someone breaking it off by accident or it being lost somewhere, who knows.

I shall purchase a new one thanks buddy

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