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  1. Just in case someone has the same problem, I ended up buying these
  2. Hi guys! I have my car that started to missfire when its cold and from time to time while on the highway, i believe is because of the coils... I spent 1 hour or so looking for decent coils, but no luck so far, not even OEM... Any ideas where I can find good coils for a 2001 STI? Thanks! 😄
  3. A M E N ! xD Here in Switzerland they will just put you in...
  4. I guess you can get some boost controller, still by stock I believe they came like that... 😄
  5. Have you ever heard about... Angry Birds? xD
  6. Hi guys! I was thinking about coming back to UK (since one of the biggest drawbacks here in Switzerland was that you couldnt modify much the car, well, you could but it was EXTREMELY expensive...) and I was wondering how though were the controls in the MOT nowadays? 5 years ago when I did my last one I had an HKS Hi-Power Exhaust and some other things on the scooby and it only failed because of the honk now working... is it still like that nowadays? :D Thanks in advance! :D
  7. Yeah, saw it on the manual, not sure how healthy it is the one that im using now that the previous owner put on it, its a 10w65...
  8. Yeah, now a days i just wait 2 or 3 mins, even if is still low after that time because is better than from 0 :D and i saw some positive results, also at the small uphill from the -2 to the -1 floor i take a little bit of speed xD What I find it a little bit strange is that... could it be that the 10w60 that the previous owner put on it make the engine somehow "slower"?
  9. Front n rear crank seals <- Yup! And maybe the rocker cover gasket? I had issues with it where it was leaking oil... my mechanic didnt have to take out the engine, just the rocker covers :D Cheers! :D
  10. Hi guys, does someone uses it? Do you guys recommend it? We dont have many alternatives here in Switzerland... :( Will be for the Bugeye sti, but i guess all the EJ20 and EJ25 are more or less the same... xD Thanks in advance!!! :D Cheers! Martin
  11. Yeah, i think i was at 3rd gear going 2k - 3k... even if i wanted to press more the accelerator it was not going anywhere more than that xD Thanks savage!!! :D
  12. Hi guys! Quick question, since I do it most of the times, I usually start the car and drive it right away - Not hard at all, around 2k rpm to 3k rpm and slowly - but where I park the car there is an uphill and I could definetly feel that the car was completly lacking of power (since i just turned it on and its cold, which is comprehensive...), same the other day, I started the car and inmediatly there was a long uphill, so again, 2-3k rpm maximum and 40 - 50 kph maximum (since it was cold there was literally no chance to go faster even if i wanted to...) Does this damages the engine? as far as i know the damage is caused when the people revs the car to higher rpm when its still cold... but driving it right away to 2k - 3k rpm is also bad? Thanks! Cheers, Martin
  13. Yup, just like that... even if i have been driving it for more than half an hour :D Thanks Sandals! :D
  14. Hello guys! I have seen that on my scooby the temperature is below the middle mark, just wondering if this is normal or not... on my previous one i had it somehow a little bit down the middle but it was because i put a "sport" thermostat that opens 10 degrees before... by the way its a prodrive bugeye sti :D Cheers!!! :D
  15. Hello guys! Just got back in business with the bugeye sti, but here in switzerland they are quite strict with the parts and so on... So, basically I can modify the internals, injectors, etc... but not things like manifolds, Intercoolers, Downpipes... Would still be worth to improve all internals, to forge them, change the injectors, fuel pump, etc... ? Cheers! :D